Self-care at Work and its practical Development: Coaches as a case in point

The following is an excerpt from a PhD study which is based on the teachings of Serge Benhayon.

by Jane Keep, MSc, Mphil, FCIPD, FCmgr, MIMC

This synopsis is based on a PhD Study that looked at the practical development of self care at work using coaches as a case in point. The study used autoethnography, a participant inquiry group, as well as a literature and desk based review. Early findings show that very few focus on me and consider self truly during their working day;  many see the client as king, and, some over rely on coaching processes or techniques, particularly if they are not feeling 100%. In addition, if we keep working when we are feeling under par it  is uncomfortable, and often our services suffer. Choosing to develop a deeper relationship with self via self awareness does help to develop self care. Developing self care can have an impact on the services we offer.

Keywords:  self care, coach, self awareness, physical well being 


The PhD study is an exploration of the impetus to deepen self care as a coach, and, once inspired to develop self care, via deepening self awareness. It explores the practical development of self care over a period of time, using coaching as a case in point. It is an auto ethnography, which is triangulated with an inquiry group of coaches (and facilitators and leaders); a desk review of codes of ethics and codes of conduct and a review of the continuing professional development and ongoing workshops and seminars offered to coaches; as well as a literature review on coaching, and related themes. This paper is a  snap shot  of the overall study, which is currently in the write up phase.

To read the complete paper – download the attached PDF below.

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