Before and After Anorexia and Exercise Addiction: Healing the underlying energy of self-abuse

When Kylie was 21 years old she was living off 6 blue berries a day and espresso coffees with no milk or sugar. She was also being touted as a model 'ready for Milan'.

When her hair started breaking and falling out she realised she had to make a change.

The question was, how?

While Kylie received the best medical and psychological support she could, there was still a missing piece...

What were the underlying factors that were leading to the self-abuse that had become her norm?

This is her story.

In celebration of 20 years of Universal Medicine ­– a world leading business model and an international achievement in complementary health and wellbeing, philosophy and education.

Medical Disclaimer

The presentation in this video is based upon the principles of the Ageless Wisdom. They are not a substitute for and do not offer medical advice about the cause or treatment of any medical condition. The story given in this video pertains to the individual's life, lifestyle and experience; no claim is made that it may be applicable to anyone else.

Before and After Anorexia and Exercise Addiction - Healing the underlying energy of self-abuse