Serge Benhayon commences defamation proceedings against Esther Rockett

Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine

Serge Benhayon founder of Universal Medicine has commenced defamation proceedings against Esther Rockett in the Supreme Court of New South Wales regarding false allegations that she has published about him online.

Mr Benhayon took the decision to commence defamation proceedings after being on the end of Esther Rockett’s three-year cyber abuse campaign where there was no sign of her activities abating.

1. What is behind the legal action?

Prior to Serge Benhayon initiating this legal action against her, Esther Rockett made numerous calls for such action to be taken, attempting to represent the restraint in not taking legal action as an admission of guilt, stating that the false allegations she has made against Serge Benhayon must be true because legal proceedings had never been taken to stop her.

As Serge Benhayon notes,  

“Anyone that says, why don’t you just take out defamation action, has very little understanding of the cost of suing someone who has no assets and thus has nothing to lose.”

Over time Esther Rockett became emboldened, declaring that she could say anything she chose about Serge Benhayon because he would not sue her, and accordingly proceeded to fabricate and publish all manner of vile accusations. Rockett’s online abuse of Serge Benhayon also spilled offline into a long list of fabricated complaints submitted to government authorities. All were dismissed as baseless or lacking any substance by the authorities approached.

Esther Rockett had asserted she “would welcome court proceedings” apparently because she thought it would allow her to adduce all the ‘evidence’ that she said she holds – evidence which, as Alison Greig, spokesperson for Universal Medicine, notes “has strangely never been produced over the past three years, or if it has, is clearly insufficient for any of the government authorities she has approached to take any action.”

2. Esther Rockett is being sued for spreading false accusations of indecencies

Once Serge Benhayon initiated proceedings Esther Rockett has done an about face on her bluffing that she would welcome such action, and is now trying to frame herself as an ‘activist’ who is being ‘silenced’ by legal proceedings. This is no more than a poor attempt to hide the real reason she is being sued. Esther Rockett is being sued because for over three years she has engaged in a strategic online abuse campaign falsely accusing Serge Benhayon of a litany of fabricated offences. Rockett has relied on promulgating false accusations of indecencies and malignancies our society naturally detests with an obvious intention to inflame public sentiment. 

3. Esther Rockett claims false titles in attempts to validate herself that cover up a harmful footprint

Prior to her identity being exposed Esther Rockett’s initial wild and unsubstantiated accusations were published under various pseudonyms, a common tactic to avoid being held to account for online lies and abuse. Once her identity was publicised Esther Rockett has proceeded to strategically present herself under various guises such as a  ‘health care activist’ and then more recently as ‘child safety advocate’, with no footprint or grounding in these areas bar her orchestrated online abuse campaign. Such a reframing is without doubt an attempt to justify the unjustifiable.

As a self-appointed ‘health care activist’ she made extensive complaints to government, particularly the Health Care Complaints Commission (HCCC) which were all dismissed. The HCCC suggesting that she needed actual victims to make complaints and pointing out that none have been presented. Rockett has acknowledged that she is largely acting alone, but fails to comprehend that perhaps the lack of genuine victims and that no-one else has come forward means that there is nothing to complain about. She has stated that:

“at every stage it’s me that’s instigating complaints and questions...Mostly me and mostly alone ...The complaints would have a whole lot more clout if it wasn’t just one or two of us writing these letters.The HCCC tried to depict me to the NSW Health Minister as some sort of wind bag/nuisance, telling her office I’d obtained all the information for my complaints from the Universal Medicine website. ... how are we to prove the issues are genuine if no one else complains?”

More concerning is her self appraisal as a ‘child safety advocate’ where she has shown a proclivity to abuse those she has falsely asserted to be victims of abuse. Esther Rockett has made up stories and asserted that young women have been sexually abused and groomed. But the young adults, who according to Ms Rockett are ‘victims’, have all attested to the opposite being the case – not only are they not victims but they have all clearly affirmed the benefit of knowing Serge Benhayon and the qualities for which Serge Benhayon is internationally known for; that of a deeply caring, ultra honest and very inspiring man. The only harm they have reported suffering is at the keyboard of Esther Rockett.

4. Esther Rockett has made extensive false accusations of child sexual abuse and grooming

Part of Esther Rockett’s campaign has included extensive false accusations of child sexual abuse and grooming, all intended to create moral panic and to garner support arising from moral outrage – a carefully drawn manipulation of her audience. In these utterly false accusations, and, absurdly but very revealing subsequent abuse of the imagined victims, Ms Rockett crosses yet another boundary in disparaging genuine victims of abuse. Mr Benhayon has made it very clear that the serious offences of the nature that are so cheaply and callously peddled by Esther Rockett and her cyber abuse gang should not ever be used for the satisfaction of a hate campaign:

Serge Benhayon Universal Medicine

“Very sadly, there are genuine victims out there of these horrific crimes, worse still is the fact that many of the very sick predators are not caught. In view of the real seriousness of these crimes, it is my opinion that to knowingly falsely accuse another of such heinous offense in order to carry out a campaign of revenge and hate, should be viewed as a crime equal to that of those predators whose crimes are then used for this injudicious campaign.”

This is an important aspect of the case that Mr Benhayon seeks to address in his decision to take legal action.

5. Legal proceedings against Esther Rockett are about legitimate protection afforded by the law, not SLAPP

Esther Rockett’s response to the commencement of proceedings that are intended to call her to account for her most egregious fabrications, has been to further attempt to distract and deceive, with yet another shift (no doubt intended to attract support for her legal defence) that sees her falsely characterising the legal proceedings against her as a SLAPP action and an affront to free speech.

Regarding these claims Alison Greig made the following statement on behalf of Universal Medicine:

Alison Greig

“On social media, Esther Rockett has attempted to paint herself as a ‘patient and child safety advocate’ and characterise our action as a ‘strategic lawsuit against public participation’ (SLAPP) that is intended to silence her, without mentioning that she is being sued for completely false accusations of sexual abuse, child sexual abuse and grooming.

This reframing is a deliberate attempt to hide the fact that she is being sued over conduct that most decent people would agree are serious grounds for defamation proceedings.

In regards to her claims of this action being an affront to free speech – there is no challenge to the protection of free speech in legitimate legal action. Taking action to stop extensive false accusations of sexual predation is assuredly not an abuse of free speech. Indeed it is a distortion of this human right to claim that this could or should be protected speech.

Background - What is a SLAPP action?

A SLAPP action refers to lawsuits without substantial merit taken by large corporations, such as mining companies against environmental protestors, with the primary aim to silence public participation in political debate or protest by intimidating and scaring off protestors and drying up the resolve and financial resources to take action. The Gunns case is a well-known example where the Tasmanian logger, in what was widely regarded as a misuse of legal process, sued the Greens and environmental groups on numerous grounds with the collateral aim of silencing or discouraging public protest over logging of old growth forests.

The action by Serge Benhayon against Esther Rockett is not in any way, shape or form a SLAPP lawsuit that seeks to prevent public participation in an area of public interest.

There is no ‘public interest’ in misusing social media to falsely accuse someone of indecent behaviour. Taking action to stop false and malicious accusations is assuredly not SLAPP litigation.”

With the defamation action now approaching Esther Rockett is actively obscuring what the legal action against her is about.  As Alison Greig observes, “this in an attempt to garner community support, since there would rightly be very little support for someone who is being sued for making false claims of sexual abuse and predation that can in no way be substantiated.”

6. Esther Rockett’s toxic campaign has no credibility – there are no witnesses answering her calls for evidence to support her defence.

Rockett has berated others for not supporting her false allegations, and has exposed the lack of credibility in her campaign, she recently wrote:

“With respect, what has anyone else done? I know names of a few people who took the trouble to put their names to complaints and letters, but it’s not enough. That’s one reason this story is still unknown, and likely to stay unknown, because when it’s just one person making noise, it’s much more difficult to get cred.”

Esther Rockett’s ‘noise’ is a noxious cocktail of malicious acccusations with no substance that lack any credibility whatsoever. A review of Esther Rockett’s digital footprint reveals that initial false sexual abuse claims about Serge Benhayon were creations by Esther Rockett, which intensified as she attempted to win recognition and acceptance on an online forum she had found dedicated to disparaging Serge Benhayon and his business Universal Medicine. If the background is examined and evaluated it would be difficult for anyone to garner any ‘cred’.

Alison Greig notes, “from early tentative posts to later more developed and direct ones it is possible to detect in Esther Rockett’s posts a trajectory of increasing escalation as she progresses from early speculation of possible sexual abuse she imagined might have occurred to herself in different circumstances to unrestrained and explicit allegations of sexual interference with regard to others.”

In more recent posts Esther Rockett has intensified efforts to conscript support making numerous pleas on social media for people to come forward with evidence that might substantiate her fabrications.

As Alison Greig notes “of over ten thousand people that Serge Benhayon has seen as a practitioner over a 15 year period not one person has come forward with any complaint of anything even minutely sexually untoward. There are no victims coming forward simply because they don’t exist.”