Before and After Universal Medicine - Danielle's Story

Danielle Pirera's story - Before and After Universal Medicine in Photos.

by Danielle Pirera




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This is my story of how I re-discovered 
the true, gentle and delicate me, with 
the support of Serge Benhayon, Sacred Esoteric Healing 
and Universal Medicine


From a very young age I played every sport possible, including netball, basketball, little athletics, swimming and even AFL football. I was the fastest or best at everything and I learnt that I could gain confidence or feel better about myself by winning or becoming better.

I became a ‘tom boy’ and developed a very athletic, hard and strong body by the age of 10. 

In 2002 on my 21st birthday I did a 90 min triathlon at 6am, then went out in the evening and partied hard.

Between 1995 to 2000 I dislocated my shoulder 6 times playing basketball, I eventually quit basketball, and took up triathlon’s instead…

By 2004 triathlon’s and half marathon running wasn’t challenging enough, so at age 23 I started adventure race’s, up to 24 hr long.

Danielle Pirera 6 hours into an adventure raceThe adventure racing seemed fun at the time….In the first half of the race I was smiling but what was the impact 6 hours in?

Photo to the left: Six hours into a mountain running, mountain biking and kayaking orienteering race – the map was not going to help me…I was well and truly lost.

Eventually adventure racing didn’t keep me busy or challenged, so in 2005 at age 24 I started to focus on developing my surfing.

By 2006 I had started a PhD in surfing physiology, worked at Surfing Australia High Performance Centre and travelled the world speaking at conferences in exotic surf locations

By age 24 I had developed a trim and toned body and I still drank a lot of alcohol. I surfed at sunrise and partied late into the night…. I thought I was living ‘the life’.

Partying and surfing big surf around the world I got strong, tough and robust – but for a 24 year old woman I was quite hard and masculine.

Although I was living the the ideal life, I still had a sense of dis-ease.

Before and After Photos Universal Medicine

Look close at the photo above, I have a frown. I remember this clearly, 1 month in an exotic location to surf and rest with friends but I was upset, alone & confused, I didn’t know why I was feeling this way…something was missing and things began to change.

At this time I began to look around for something more from life.

I had drained all my sources of what I felt would make me feel better, satisfied or content with life.

For a short period of time my life became a little more reckless, partying harder, trying drugs or going on three to five day benders – thankfully this did not last long.

This is when I came across Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon.

Around this same time I dislocated my shoulder in 10 foot surf, on 3 foot of water on a coral reef. In the past I would have laughed at something like this, but this time I stopped.

Universal Medicine was presenting something different to me – I saw Serge Benhayon and others living a more honoring and self respectful life – I began to change – I realised that I was living a reckless life, to try and feel satisfied or content with myself.

With the support of Universal Medicine I discovered that if I connect deep within myself I could feel that I was already naturally very special and precious, no matter how I looked, what I accomplished or what work or recognition I achieved.

From this point forward life began to change. I began to feel that I was already enough and it was time to take care of and love me.

I now feel and know myself as a precious and glorious woman – not a working machine to constantly improve to achieve more. 
Can you see the change? It appears that I have de-aged. (see the above slideshow for all the images.)

Universal Medicine Before and After Photos - Danielle

My body has changed – it no longer fits the ‘ideal’ of a super lean, trim and toned body. Instead it is much more womanly, I feel much more precious, and I feel to dress different because I have greater 
respect and care for my body.

Universal Medicine Before and After Photos - Danielle

The way I move and hold my body now, is with much more care, gentleness, tenderness, playfulness and adoration.

I now feel the beauty-full woman that I am, the love that I am and the love that is all around me – I truly love me. No more need to seek fulfillment on the outside, only to end up lost. Instead there is Joy in my life – by connecting within and being me.

The Joy and Beauty I have discovered within, is now starting to reflect back to me in my whole life - work, family and friends.

Thank you Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon 
for inspiring me to connect within.