Universal Medicine founder Serge Benhayon “certain complaint will soon be dismissed”

Serge Benhayon Lance Martin Bangalow

Serge BenhayonLance Martin

One month after a complaint about the independent student-run charity, College of Universal Medicine, was lodged by Bangalow resident Lance Martin, Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine founder, yesterday stated that he was "certain the complaint will soon be dismissed.”

The complaint, lodged with the NSW Office of Liquor Gaming and Racing about the charity, was the latest in what Serge Benhayon describes as “a long list of abuses by Lance Martin of government complaints processes”.

The College of Universal Medicine provided the following statement:

“To date over 20 unfounded and vindictive complaints have been lodged across numerous Government agencies relating to Serge Benhayon, Universal Medicine and other people associated with them, with the latest in the series of baseless complaints being directed at the College of Universal Medicine charity. In all cases complaints have been dismissed in full. And in almost every case the complaints can be traced directly or indirectly to the activity of Lance Martin.”

“The problem for Lance Martin is that by attacking the College he is attacking something that represents true charity.  The community recognises this. Peoples’ response to the College’s inaugural activities has been tremendous and simply confirms that what we’re offering is meeting a real need.”

Martin, who has been identified as the anonymous author of online comments vowing to “bring Serge Benhayon down” as “a commitment that will happen”, has been targeting Universal Medicine, Serge Benhayon’s international complementary healing business, through a variety of channels since Martin’s marriage to a Universal Medicine student broke down in 2012.

“No doubt the contents of the current complaint against the College of Universal Medicine is without merit and has been concocted to suit Martin’s malicious personal agenda. The sheer number of complaints by Martin and his associates over a short period of time that have been dismissed, some without any investigation whatsoever, suggests that the group have been willing to exploit legitimate government processes with matters that are quite simply wasting valuable resources and making a mockery of official complaint channels,“ explained Alison Greig, a lead writer of the Facts about Universal Medicine – a website which has been cataloguing the actions of Lance Martin and his small gang for a number of months.

“Serge Benhayon's integrity in fully and openly cooperating with any investigation scurrilously thrown at him will no doubt again yield the same result – a dismissal. It is perhaps time for official processes to be initiated to halt this waste of government time and money,” she continued.

“It is of grave concern that the media gave these serial complainants airtime without checking the veracity of their sources. Serge Benhayon had alerted journalist Jane Hansen to what she was dealing with, yet the seasoned journalist chose to ignore his warnings and went ahead and published a story with significant bias. There was plenty of available evidence from hundreds of professionals across the world who study with Universal Medicine for the journalist to draw on to create balance in what she presented – she chose to ignore it,” Alison Greig says.

Benhayon, whose approach to the false allegations has been to consistently welcome full and thorough investigations as each new baseless complaint has been lodged, leading him to note, “There is nothing like shutting down lies by allowing full transparency into one’s affairs. This I have done in every case and in every one of their accusations.”

He went on to say, "a lie is a lie and will always be a lie no matter who states it or how many times it is hurled".

Benhayon continues, “Finally Lance Martin has publicly come out from behind the murkiness of his small gang’s activities after deceptively hiding under the shadows of anonymity and pseudonymous utterances that provide insight into his state of mind and the nonsense of his lies, further confirming why Universal Medicine student Anna Douglass chose wisely and lovingly to leave such a controlling menace.”

The College of Universal Medicine held its inaugural Community Forum on Addressing Cyber-bullying last Thursday amidst widespread community support.