Simone Benhayon

Simone Benhayon

Simone Benhayon

  • Services

    Esoteric Practitioner of Chakra-puncture and Healing

  • EPA Recognised Level*

    Level 4 Teacher
    Level 3 Esoteric Chakra-puncture
    Level 4 Esoteric Healing

  • Clinic:
    Universal Medicine UK
  • About

    Simone Benhayon is a practitioner of a variety of Esoteric Modalities, such as Chakra-puncture and Esoteric Healing. Her unique intuitive skills bring the esoteric healing arts into a vast service for all to benefit from.

  • How to book:

    Please email Simone directly to make a booking.

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* The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development of the practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.