Esoteric Meditation Group Work

As far back as 2001, Universal Medicine began hosting esoteric based Meditation Groups in response to those who were seeking true group work and or healing from past group work that had not lived-up to what they had sought or what they innately knew it to truly be but could not find anywhere. Before then, Serge had already established the teachings of true meditation to help heal and correct the many who were assuming they were meditating, but in-truth were harming themselves spiritually due to the lack of knowledge about the unseen ill energetic effects.

Universal Medicine, as a School of Healing and Philosophy, takes the subject of meditation very seriously … this is because it is very important to do as part of any true wellness and or healing regime and, especially, when the ill energetic consequences if one is not practising correctly, are known.

As a unit of Energetic Integrity in Service along with its Energetically Responsible teachings, Universal Medicine takes a stance based on the following ageless principles and teachings as presented by Serge Benhayon -

“There is an alarming number of people who are well intended in their efforts to seek and practise meditation and who are unknowing of the energetic ill consequences that are the reality of such practices. It is a very ‘touchy’ subject as too many are devotees of their meditation way or technique. And very few, if any, know or understand the actual energies involved.

And hence, it is not an easy stance to take when presenting on the subject of meditation, especially when there is the broad if not common understanding that it is all good for you -- no matter what type or style.

Meditation is an act that is very important for us all to do on a daily basis but, it is also a very deeply harming energetic act if one is not aware of the many pitfalls that abound due to the many misconceptions and or plain old mistruths if not warped interpretations and or re-interpretations about the practice of meditation.

Like the practice of yoga, the subject of meditation has been so widely endorsed, as a ‘good-for-you’ thing to do, that informed and knowledgeable let alone energetic discussion on the matter is for so many off-limits.”

Serge expands further the teaching --

“The true meaning of the word ‘meditation’ is best described by the true action that constitutes the act itself --

To ‘meditate’ is to do something that re-connects one back to/into their inner-presence.

Or, more personally relevant

To ‘meditate’ is to do something that re-connects YOU back into YOUR eternally full fiery-inner-presence.”

This is an important fact to consider, for sitting down in some ‘lotus’ or other position etc, as is the common thought, model or depiction one has about meditation or to do with meditation, is not the only form. Often, that very form, or assumed only form, is not  based on an act that is the true act of meditation. Far too many use that sitting position or the notion of meditating to check-out, that is, to escape rather than to re-connect to the inner-presence, which is always very alive and full – and not ever empty.

And hence, one can be in meditation or meditating whilst mowing the lawn, gardening, walking, working, writing, cooking, making love and talking to name but a few actions that one can use to re-connect if that is the intended and truly acted upon commitment. Even whilst sleeping one can be in meditation if, and only if, one re-connects in full as they doze off into their deep slumber.

The Esoteric Group Meditation Work that is supported and endorsed by Universal Medicine is based on these principles and age-old teachings. Such Group Work is now available on a global scale with groups in many countries, cities and towns.

Anyone can join. There are no fees. We ask only that an earnest intent be the impulse.

To get more information about Esoteric Meditation Group Work please contact us

We will endeavour to answer your questions about the dates, times and locations of existing groups and if you are interested in organising your own Esoteric Meditation Group in your region, we will be able to help you get it started.

Available Group Meditations around the world



Ocean Shores: contact Judy or call 0403 517 914

Sydney/City/Inner-West: contact Deanne


Perth: contact Johanne


Brisbane (Seven Hills): contact Jennene


Adelaide: contact Monya or Andrew


North Island:

Auckland: contact Ingrid

South Island:

Wanaka: contact Paul



contact Carolien


Voorschoten: contact Annelies


contact Eunice


Oslo: contact Eva


contact Sarah

United Kingdom

Brighton: contact Stephen
Lightwater Surrey: contact Shirley-Ann
London: contact Sara
Norfolk: contact Beverley
Suffolk: contact Elaine



NS, Cape Breton contact Elizabeth


Since mid 1999 Universal Medicine has made available its array of Healing Therapies to the public at large. The Therapies offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments. They are not 'alternative' or 'new age' and nor are they anti Western Medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful of Western Medicine and its great service to society. Our Therapies are very gentle and work with the being and its body to assist in its own healing. The range of modalities on offer cover many aspects of healing.

As mentioned in his short dossier (see ‘About Serge’), Serge is not a teacher who is removed and or not wholly in touch with what is happening in society everywhere. Working long hours with patients in his clinics in Australia and in the UK gives Serge very hands-on insight and knowledge of the many ills and woes that affect, afflict and exist as we live our daily lives in this world of ours today.

Universal Medicine runs a series of courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to bring a greater understanding to the path of true self-healing, and with that understanding and knowledge, to bring such healing to family members, friends and colleagues. The courses also cater for the professional seeking more from their life and or for those who seek the path of becoming an esoteric practitioner.

Universal Medicine Retreats

Universal Medicine offers Retreats as a way of presenting practical and liveable ways to bring back a very steady and deeply rewarding way of life. These five-day live-in courses are comprised of and from the living knowledge and the Energetic Laws that come from the Ageless Wisdom.

As well as the many interactive series of presentations and activities, the participants also get to experience a wide range of shared community and society life with the participants that come from all over the world.

As part of its services, Universal Medicine offers those seeking to become students a range of online studies. Some online studies are free of charge once one has signed on to become a student whilst others need to be purchased … proceeds of which are directed to help support Universal Medicine’s family and student support programs.

The online study is only available through our student study site:
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By way of service, Universal Medicine provides easy-to-do meditation techniques. Its founder has been teaching the energetically true Science and Art of Meditation since 1999. The knowledge, teaching, form, technique, style and method come from and thus are based on an impress known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Based on this energetically true background knowledge, on the subject of Meditation, Universal Medicine takes the following stance –

On this page you will be able to download any number of free audio items as listed below.

In due course, you will see the list expand with a number of differing/varying styles of meditation to help/assist the many that are today seeking some rest/stop/gentleness and or some stillness in their lives.

As we have stated in our article on ‘meditation’ – we take the science and its business very seriously given that not all forms or styles of meditation are energetically safe.