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Esoteric Breast Massage (referred to as the EBM) is a modality practised only by women, for women. The EBM is there to support women to reconnect to their body, to be more aware of their body and to feel the depth of gentleness that they are capable of. An EBM is a very gentle and delicate massage that specifically centres around the lymphatic part of the breast, which is on the sides from the armpits down.

Today many women lack true care and connection with their bodies, and as a result, with their breasts. Many women are not as aware as they could be with their own bodies. Some are too scared to check for signs like lumps or breast tissue changes that may indicate that they should get a check-up or a breast examination. Many women who have received an EBM will say that it supports them to become more aware of their body, thus more aware of what they are actually feeling in their body and their breasts, whether that is swelling, lumps or pain, etc.

The EBM also highlights to women the need to care for and nurture themselves, as many women are used to putting others first, which can leave them exhausted and their bodies depleted. As a result of having an EBM many, many women have been inspired to truly nurture and honour themselves. In addition, women are encouraged and inspired to take more responsibility for their own overall health, wellbeing and breast care and have more regular breast examinations, rather than wait until there is something significantly wrong before they see a GP.

What does an EBM session actually involve?

The first session is an explanation or consultation session. This means that no massage takes place. During such discussions an EBM is explained in detail along with how it relates to the overall Esoteric Women’s Health program. This program makes available to the woman additional specialised women’s health treatments and support. There are women’s presentations and developmental discussion groups, all of which are voluntary and never a mandatory part of her healing program. Consent is obtained for treatments and a history is taken including the woman’s menstrual, gynaecological and reproductive details along with major life events, other conditions and her current state of wellbeing.

Warmth is central to the treatment, in providing a healing environment in which the woman is able to more easily feel she can surrender to herself away from the ‘doing and busy-ness’ of life. The treatment room is heated, the client is given a warmed, disposable towel to place over her breasts once she has removed her top and bra and makes her way to the treatment table where a larger warmed towel is placed over her. She remains covered at all times except when a specific part of her upper body is being massaged.

We start with preliminary hands-on healing work to parts of the body specific to the need of each individual woman. Then, warmed cream and oil are tenderly applied to one breast at a time and the gentle massage proceeds with focus predominantly to the side of the breasts in the lymphatic area and under the armpits, the heart area and then to the breast itself.

What does an EBM session cost?

Currently EBM sessions cost $70 in Australia, £60 in the UK and 75 Euros in Europe.

EBM Practitioner's: Training and Qualifications

The training to become an EBM Practitioner is extremely thorough, and it takes a minimum of 4 years training to become qualified. The integrity, responsibility and commitment first to one’s own development and then to the support of other women are of utmost importance. All practitioners need to abide by the comprehensive and uncompromising ‘Code of Ethics’ established by the Esoteric Practitioners Association*, Universal Medicine's in-house practitioner support and development body instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor the level of practise and intergrity of the Universal Medicine modalities taught by Universal Medicine. EBM practitioners must also be fully insured. Thus, at present, there are only 9 EBM Practitioners worldwide. Many women have expressed interest in becoming EBM Practitioners, but only those with the requisite level of integrity, responsibility and commitment may begin the training and then seek assessment and EPA* recognition.

Can a man train to be an Esoteric Breast Massage Practitioner?

No, the Esoteric Breast Massage is not a healing therapy that is available for men to train and practise. And while the modality was founded by a man (Serge Benhayon) neither he nor any other man has ever performed an Esoteric Breast Massage. In order to initially train the practitioners Benhayon demonstrated the techniques well above the clothed body of his wife; the prospective practitioners then practised the technique amongst themselves without Benhayon in the rooms.

There are many massage schools that teach breast massage to both their male and female students, in contrast Universal Medicine has always maintained that the EBM be a modality that is only ever practised by women for women. This is with the understanding that it is only through the woman knowing her own body and developing that deep care and nurturing with herself that she can inspire the possibility of the same in another. The nurturing qualities must be lived by the woman practitioner (never to perfection but with a deep care and dedication), in all aspects of her life and her way with herself, in order for the female client to receive the reflection that can provide the inspiration for her to re-connect to the same in herself. A man cannot provide this reflection for the simple reason that he is not in a woman's body.

Ongoing Professional Development and Training

All EBM Practitioners have monthly ongoing training sessions with an EPA Recognised* trainer and monthly support meetings with trainers and a female doctor. They have twice yearly assessments and are recognised by the EPA* to be able to practise the EBM each year for a 12-month period. If they do not pass the yearly assessment they are asked to stand down.

Mary-Louise Myers

EBM co-ordinator for the Northern Rivers NSW
Australian Trainer of the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM)

About Mary-Louise Myers

Mary-Louise has worked as a Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist for the past 25 years. During this time she also worked extensively in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, with elderly people who care for partners/family members with a debilitating disease, and with support workers and counsellors in the health arena.

Mary-Louise has been working at the Universal Medicine clinic since 2007 specialising in Women’s Health. Her passion is working with women and supporting them to re-connect to their naturally nurturing ways. Mary-Louise is the EBM Trainer for Australia and EBM co-ordinator for the Northern Rivers NSW.

About Universal Medicine

Universal Medicine is in the business of delivering teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices. Participants have shared that making these choices gives them the opportunity to consistently feel lighter, clearer and more naturally vital in their day-to-day lives. The teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audios and treatment sessions at UniMed clinics. UniMed founder, Serge Benhayon also regularly holds courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally.

* The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development of the practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.



Before having an Esoteric Breast Massage I thought I was going okay. I wasn’t sick or unhappy and I was just getting on with life. I have been having EBM’s regularly for a couple of months and have realised that how I am with myself actually stays in my body and affects how I live. So, to try and be something for a guy, to have thoughts that I’m not pretty enough or smart enough and the real killer - to compare myself with other women to gauge if I’m okay or normal all left their mark. It was a shock to feel how these things had actually taken a toll on me. What was more shocking was that I didn’t even notice. After having an EBM I could feel what was going on. I was able to choose something different and it’s been amazing getting to know what’s underneath all the junk I’ve been carrying around. The truth is… I’m pretty awesome. I was used to feeling momentarily awesome when I got my hair done or bought a dress that I thought people would find me attractive in. Now I’m starting to see that I don’t need anything to make me okay, that I can feel lovely just being me while doing what needs to be done.
H.A. (age 22) AUS

Seriously, I thought I was going to a ‘spa’ sort of treatment when I booked myself for my first EBM. I had no idea I was in fact embarking on a journey towards myself. I didn’t feel much in my first session (my breasts were mostly numb) and the practitioner emphasised that the breast implants would not restrain me from feeling my breasts and I must say I was a bit skeptical about that. Having experienced a series of EBMs and its effects on my daily life, the sensitivity slowly re-awakened and the breasts became softer and softer. It’s been an ongoing process of re-discovering myself, re-connecting to my essence as a woman and loving myself again. As for the technique, it’s so BEAUTIFUL – I find myself embraced, held and very supported in whatever arises during the session.
P.A. (age 33) UK

When I first heard about the EBM I was a general manager at a restaurant, my body and breasts were all fine, well except when my breasts ached and swelling started before my cycle! Spare time was hard to find but there was something about the EBM that I found interesting, so I gave it a go… a few massages later I realised that it wasn’t just a massage it was a lot deeper. The practitioners have such high integrity that not once have I felt awkward or uncomfortable, even though I had issues with self confidence. During the massage I got to feel the disconnection with my breasts, they were there but I couldn’t even feel them. Once I started to look at the issues, ideals and beliefs I was holding I could feel that they were very beautiful and powerful underneath. It's not just the connection to the breasts that made me stop and go WOW, but it was the quality of my being that I had never ever felt before. There is a stillness, a tenderness, a precious delicate woman in me that is natural. Allowing a bit of ‘me time’ has changed my life. Every woman should try one, words don’t do it justice!
N.W. (age 35) UK

The healing impact of the EBM is immediate and the sessions to date have supported me in recognising and dealing with some deep hurts I was/am holding onto in my body. The sessions are also helping me re-connect to my breasts; for someone who is pretty aware of what’s going on in the rest of my body, it was startling in the first EBM to realise I didn’t feel my breasts at all…it was like they were stuck onto my body. That is changing now. I feel (and look) different after the sessions; more gentle, more self-loving and more radiant…in fact, ‘I feel more’ after a session is probably a good way to express it. (And having felt that ‘more’ I now have a benchmark to let me know when I slip into ‘less’.) People around me notice the difference, too. I’d recommend EBMs to all women either as part of a specific healing programme or as an integral part of taking care of themselves and re-connecting to themselves as women.
A.M. (age 43) UK

I work in an executive position in the corporate world and it’s vital for me to stay connected to my femininity and not enjoin the hardness associated with my career choice. Most women in my field have chosen to be tough and hard in their expression. I have chosen that way in the past and it had a very detrimental affect on my health with obesity, candida, IBS, migraines and ME as recurring physical symptoms. Feelings of jealousy and comparison with other women and manipulative and needy relationships with men ran the emotional side of my life for 30 years. Having regular EBM sessions, alongside a loving process of self-awareness and deep kindness towards myself, has supported a turnaround my mother describes as ‘miraculous’. My physique has changed completely. The EBM will always be part of my support to continue my ever-expanding self-awareness.
S.C. (age 44) AUS

Many years ago a friend shared her experience of an EBM from a London-based practitioner. At the time I was struggling with my self confidence; I held a very successful job yet felt like a complete fraud, I’d convinced myself that I was incapable of having a relationship and I’d put it down to my insecurities with my body. All the while I had a great ‘front’ and was always bubbly and social!  From an early age I hated my small breasts and my worst fear was to be ‘exposed’. Relationships were few and far between and when they ended, before any form of intimacy, I felt a great relief!  It got to a stage where I wore a padded bra to bed as I struggled to feel ‘womanly’ without it. I went to see an EBM practitioner as I thought they could miraculously grow overnight. Makes sense, right? What I experienced from the EBM was far reaching. Prior to the treatment I’d invested in self-help treatments from books to courses and seminars, alternative treatments and much more. I was quickly left frustrated that I wasn’t being ‘fixed’; I later realised that this band-aid attitude wasn’t going to solve what was going on. My first EBM was incredibly confronting and I struggled for some time. Don’t let that put you off – a breast massage is naturally more confronting for someone who has issues with their breasts. The treatments are gentle with no discomfort or awkwardness. I’m not going to say it was rosy and an overnight success; it was tough, but intuitively I knew it was the right thing to do. The practitioner was always supportive, consistently professional and took the time to explain each treatment and how my body was reacting. There was never any pressure to commit to sessions, but gradually I could feel my attitude changing, my confidence growing and a vast improvement in how I relate to myself, my body and to those around me. The body insecurities are still there from time to time, and no, my breasts didn’t grow overnight, but I feel more womanly than ever before. Looking back it’s quite remarkable to reflect on the ‘before’ and ‘after’ so I cannot recommend EBM any higher.
A.M. (age 34) UK

I first came across the EBM through one of my clients at my salon (I do hairdressing). At the time I was looking for something but I did not know what, all I knew was that I did not feel great and I was always up and down (mainly down) and I wanted to find something to help me. I did not know what to expect and it did feel a bit weird knowing that my breasts were going to be massaged. After the first session I was not sure about the breast massage but I felt to book another. I found the practitioner was different to other people I had seen, she was not trying to sell me anything or put me on a course. I continued to have EBMs regularly for a while and then I started noticing that I was slowly changing in my day to day stuff as in I had started to look after myself, i.e. what I was eating, how I was sleeping and what I was doing in my spare time. This then started to develop more and more and since then I cannot even put into words what the EBMs have done for me, I have gone from not caring about myself at all, to now really enjoying caring about me. Three years later I can honestly say I found what I had been looking for.
A.T. (age 30) UK

When I first heard about the Esoteric Breast Massage I thought it sounded weird and not something I would be open to. However, when I heard more about why it was created as a treatment, and started to consider what I personally have felt about my breasts, and how disconnected I actually have been to them, it gave me a bit of a wake-up call. This treatment is so important for any woman who is taking her health and wellbeing seriously. There is so much that can come up to be cleared to do with beliefs about ourselves as women, eg. how we should be in the world, what we think our breasts are for, how we treat ourselves, and what we have taken on from the outside world. It is extraordinary to feel these beliefs actually come up in the body during the session. Sometimes I find it can be quite challenging to look at these things, but my EBM practitioner is always right there with me, and through developing a trusting relationship with her, it feels possible to deal with them as they come up.
J.W. (age 38) UK

My breasts were quite visible from an early age, so from 11 years old I recall this being a focus of unwanted attention and seemingly “playful” comments from family members and those around me. From having EBM sessions I have come to realise that I had disconnected from my breasts and allowed them to become the focus for others and almost using them as a form of identification for myself. Whilst I rejected the attention during puberty it became an asset and means of recognition as adult life ensued. As EBM sessions have progressed, the opportunity to unlock and release the energy of the imposed beliefs around my breasts has been a welcome transformation, resulting in a smaller cup size as the energy has released and the re-connection to my breasts has begun. The continual deepening of the re-connection, is unfolding a rhythm of living from who I am as a woman.
B.A.B. (age 43) UK

I had my first Esoteric Breast Massage about 5 years ago.  At the time I had no clue how numb I was or that my breasts were even a part of my body. I thought buying an expensive bra was enough! For me, they were just objects and used to pleasure men. I soon found out that my buried issues were in there like scars that could not be removed. With regular sessions, I began to slowly trust the EBM practitioners and this helped me deal with some really deep stuff. I had seen practitioners in UK and Australia – they All were and still are the most Loving and Gentle women and this helped me to stay open and willing to have more sessions without any agenda. My childhood rape came up, my deep hurt of growing up knowing my parents wanted a boy and ALL my awful relationships with men and what I had let them do to my body. It felt like the scars were being removed and I could truly feel my breasts and no longer wanted to ignore them. The EBMs also supported me through my hysterectomy. Today, I still have EBMs but not so often as the ugly stuff just isn’t there. I LOVE taking care of my breasts now and they make me feel more complete. I would recommend Esoteric Breast Massage to any woman as it is the most loving thing you could do for yourself.
B.P. (age 50) UK

I have been having EBMs for the last few years. Not because I was sick or had any visible signs of illness but because I could feel something was not right with my body. With the gentle touch and understanding of the practitioner I became aware of the hardness in my body and how it was affecting everything I did. The more aware I became the more hardness I could feel. As I began to let go of everything including the person I had “become”, the more I began to feel the real me. I had treated my body as a functioning tool to get things done. Now I can feel how harmful that is to my wellbeing, all the pain in my body has been shown for what it is and the un-loving things I have done to it. Now I am slowly learning to listen and not over-ride what my body has been trying to tell me for the last 30 years or more. EBMs have been part of this loving process to find the real woman under all the layers of protection I had created as a way of fitting into everyday life.
A.M. (age 56) UK

I have been having EBMs for a few years. When I started I had a history of endometriosis and painful periods for 30 years and, since having the EBMs I no longer have the endometriosis, or painful periods in the way I used to. What having the EBMs has helped me with is to understand my own menstrual cycle, understand how to start to take deeper care for myself, not just around the time of my period but throughout my month, and to realise how much I could change about the way I have been living, which has had a very beneficial impact on my overall health and wellbeing, not just the women’s issues. The tenderness that is offered through the EBMs by the EBM practitioners allows me to lovingly reflect on my life style, and through this I feel empowered to make gradual changes, each of which supports and nourishes me more than ever before. This includes my choices around food, rest, sleep patterns, the way I dress, and the way I am with other people, particularly in that I no longer feel I need to pander to others, and that I now honour my own personal choices far more. Overall, the EBMs have allowed me to realise patterns, ideals and beliefs that I held, so that I could let go of ways of living that no longer support me.
J.K. (age 50) UK

When I first heard of Esoteric Breast Massage several years ago I remember feeling uncomfortable about the idea and that it definitely wasn’t for me. After my very first EBM my initial impressions were washed away. The whole experience was so genuinely loving and supportive that I felt safe enough to begin to let go and truly feel where I was at with my relationship with myself as a woman. I was amazed that I could feel the emptiness in my breasts indicating I haven’t been living the true woman I am. This has opened my awareness to knowing there is so much more to me, deep inside that I had lost touch with. In short, the EBM helps provide a bridge back to feeling and knowing who you really are and what you have imposed on top of that amazingness! I feel more in touch with myself than ever before and am not afraid to feel my emotional hurts as I know they are not who I am, therefore I am able to clear them quickly. I would highly recommend a series of EBM treatments to every woman so we can find our way back to ourselves which in turn will bring so much more love to those around us.
K.C. (age 41) AUS

I had been seeing an Esoteric Healing practitioner for healing sessions for almost a year before I decided to ‘try’ an EBM. I remember talking to a friend and expressing how the very concept of a woman massaging my breasts felt so alien, to which she replied that the very fact I was resisting it so much could mean that it was just what a ‘doctor would prescribe’.
Not even in my wildest imagination could I have possibly comprehended how much a series of EBMs would change how I feel about others, as a mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend and above all as a woman. I spent almost two decades in a love-less relationship. EBM offered me a support to put a stop to that. My then13-year-old son, loved (still does) the change he felt. When once the practitioner held her hands on the rib part of my body to the side of the breasts, her touch most tender, it took me back to being held as a baby.  I felt my own tenderness, like I had never experienced it in my adult life. EVERY woman on earth should experience this – if no more, than at least once!
D.B. (age 48) UK

After my first EBM I discovered a new relationship with my breasts – instead of being something that hung off me, they were a part of me, I was in them and I could feel a connection with myself that had previously been missing. After each EBM I feel a greater softness, gentleness and acceptance towards myself and others and find I am challenged by and attracted to, this more intimate relationship with myself and my world. I think that true healing comes when we are able to overcome our resistances to establishing a deep sense of connection with and acceptance of ourselves and the EBM is one of the most effective ways I know of to help create this.  During the EBM I experience an opportunity to give permission to be really present and overcome my fear of dropping into a deeper, more intimate connection with myself and feel the love that I truly am. I am hopeful that in time this feeling will become my default state – which would be amazing.  The deeper my connection with, and love I feel for, myself, the greater my capacity to feel this with others.
J.G. (age 57) AUS

I was told by my doctor that it was normal for me to get cysts in my breast every month, my mother had had them, so it was in my family. I thought this was missing the point. I could tell my breasts were trying to tell me something but I didn’t know what – I needed a translator. One thing I was sure of though – just because my mother had them, it didn’t mean I had to. I started having Esoteric Breast Massages about once a month. I have learnt over time to listen to myself, and understand what my breasts where showing me and how I can support myself more. My cysts have reduced considerably. That has inspired me to listen more and to look at the pace I am living my life, how much of a doer I am, how much I mother‚ even when I am exhausted. My mother is the same – now I can see that that is why it will stay in the family. I feel like I have a choice now and that is like hitting gold.
L.D. (age 44) AUS

When I first begun having the EBMs I was working on a farm lifting heavy boxes, often in the wind and rain, not feeling what this was doing to my body. I was shy, unconfident and not really aware of my breasts. The practitioner was so gentle and encouraging that I began to relax and enjoy the sessions, during and after the EBMs my breasts felt full and connected to me, and I could really feel the loveliness of myself. The EBMs helped me to notice that how I was living was in no way womanly, I chose to stop working on the farm because it felt horrible hurting my body in that way. I started to dress more femininely and was beginning to enjoy feeling sexy, I also stopped turning away from my partner when I was getting undressed. When I became pregnant I continued to have regular EBMs, this was a beautiful support and great to be able to talk honestly to the practitioner about how I was feeling -  it was a very loving place to go each month and helped me to really embrace and enjoy my body and my pregnancy.
R.W. (age 37) UK

I am truly blessed to have the EBM as one of the supports in my life as I find them to be deeply profound, revealing, and therefore healing experiences.  I feel that a big reason is because of the absolute integrity of the EBM practitioner – for the first time in my life I am experiencing consistent gentle and nurturing touch of my breast area, not sexual or functional. Therefore, I feel safe and supported to feel into what they have been holding, and ultimately to start self healing.  I have gone from being quite numb and hard to the touch in the breast area and was shocked that this was the case, to being able to feel those same areas at a deep level, realising that there really is something unique and sacred to that part of the body, and therefore to being a woman … how wonderful to re-discover this and much more.
J.T. (age 36) AUS

Over the years of receiving the Esoteric Breast Massages I have been able to really feel the hardness and protection that I have been carrying in my body to avoid being hurt.  Having this awareness, that was very physical – it felt like a piece of amour around my heart area. I was able to let it go and allow myself to drop the protection and with the help of the EBM open up and feel how truly wonderful and amazing I am. This has been life changing! I got to feel how physically draining and damaging (not just to my self but to everyone I interacted with) it was, living in protection mode and how underneath this hardness is the most delicious feeling of warmth, connection and pure joy to be me. I cannot express enough how the EBM has offered me a very personal and loving space to unfold and grow as a woman, I am very grateful.
Z.S.D. (age 39) AUS

When I first started the EBMs I didn’t realise how disconnected I actually was, from myself and from my body. Very lovingly and steadily the EBMs helped me to make the choice to be more self-loving and more self-honouring, and to stay with my body and with what I was feeling. I realised that I hadn’t wanted to be in my body for so many years because I didn’t want to feel the hurts that I was carrying. As each session would lovingly reveal more of those hurts they would gently release, leaving me feeling fuller with more space for the true me. With the support of the EBMs I am now steadily re-claiming not just my breasts but my whole body back for me – a re-discovery which is so precious and lovely.
K.N. (age 36) AUS

At the start of my session I asked the EBM practitioner to support me into a greater connection with myself. She prepared me for an EBM, then went to the foot of the table and gently rotated my legs, one at a time, which felt very powerful. I could feel something shifting in my hips and got a strong sense of feeling my legs as part of my body. The whole session was more than just an EBM. The EBM practitioner worked with different parts of my body first – it felt like she was tailor-making a session especially for me – as if she knew exactly what my body needed.  After the session I felt quite different, I got a sense of the tall, powerful, beautiful woman that I am and from this I could recognise how much I hold myself back. I felt more connected to my body, especially my legs and able to listen to my body and not push myself to do things as I usually do.
T.F. (age 63) AUS

I have been having EBMs since 2007. One year ago I went through menopause. I was having regular periods up until they stopped completely I did not put on weight, I had no mood swings, no hormonal issues and no hot flushes. I would not have been aware that I was going through menopause except for the fact that I no longer got periods. I know the EBMs and that I put into practice what I learnt from them in the way I lived daily, greatly contributed to the ease with which I went through menopause. Before having EBMs I was very hard in my body and in a lot of masculine energy, now at the age of 53 I feel younger than I felt at 30. I am deeply appreciative that this modality is available for all women to know that there is another way to live.
M.L.M. (age 53) AUS

Ever since my first treatment, I have always appreciated this gentle, nurturing and deeply honouring healing modality. I have been able to feel my own nurturing energy that was buried deep inside me, hidden by many hurts, emotions, self imposed ideas and expectations that are now being cleared from my body. Successive treatments over the years have seen my painful periods heal and become a celebration of my femininity. I have left behind the image of the ‘tough little woman’ as I have found a renewed confidence in my naturally gentle and loving nature and have connected to and embraced what it means to truly be a woman – gentle, nurturing, lighthearted and beautiful; the very essence of being female and all deeply assisted by the EBM sessions.
R.W. (age 46) UK

The EBMs have been a wonderful way for me to see how I have treated myself, how I feel about myself and how I have acted because of the way I feel.  Through the sessions I have learnt ways to self nurture and take care of my own body, take responsibility for my health and wellbeing and learn to honour myself as who I am regardless of what has been before. This process for me has been truly beautiful, something that I had never imagined possible.
L.H. (age 38) AUS

When I went for my first EBM in 2007 I had no idea what I had signed up for, it turned out to be one of the most powerful healings I have ever had. I left the session with a deep knowing I had received a true healing (at last!) and a feeling of remembering who I really was.  I did not know about or had ever considered healing for my breasts and that they might need it, but the session and the practitioner helped me to be aware and feel my breasts with clarity and I also felt how quickly, easily and permanently the EBM could change how I had been perceiving and holding my breasts unnaturally.
D.R. (age 32) AUS

My EBM journey started over 4 years ago when I went along because it was the new treatment for women. I remember my session very well, at the end the practitioner asked if I could feel how numb my breasts were; well, I think I cried for about 3 hours straight. I was indeed numb, numb to the self abuse I was living daily, created by my lack of love for myself. I spent the next 2 and half years attending regularly my EBMs but it wasn’t until I finally owned up and said, “I don’t like this, I don’t like getting undressed in front of you and I don’t like you touching me”, that my journey began. So for any women out there who hear esoteric BREAST MASSAGE and want to flee, you’re at a great starting point. From there I started to feel truly the state of my body which was not pleasant, the absolute panic in my body, the anxiety, hardness, defensiveness, and then the LOVE that the practitioner presents for me to connect with, my own connection to love waiting within to heal me. If what you seek is real change I can’t recommend this treatment enough.
V.H. (age 40) UK

EBMs have given me the understanding and an insight to truly feel how I have been living my life, i.e how I am and have been with my children, the relationships I’ve had with my parents and especially my mother and mostly, the negative attitude I’ve had towards myself.  As these issues come up to heal, I can feel the difference in my body and my relationships with my family and myself have become so much easier.
J.M. (age 51) UK

For the last 6 years I have been receiving regular EBM sessions. The EBMs have helped me enormously to re-connect to my natural rhythm & stillness, or as I like to playfully call it, my ‘Inner Yumminess’. From this inspiration in the body it is then much easier to be & move in a more true rhythm, honouring my innate delicateness and feminine expression as a woman.

I highly recommend these healing sessions to all women.”
M.C. (age 43) AUS

I have found the EBM and practitioners a powerful support in my self-healing. When I first heard of Esoteric Breast Massage I thought it was a bit strange and it felt quite challenging to have one, but the practitioners meet you with such love and support that I felt able to open up and talk honestly about how I felt about myself, my body and my life as a woman and how it wasn’t really (how I knew in my heart) I was supposed to truly feel. Through having EBMs I am learning how to change my behaviours, honestly and lovingly assess my feelings about myself and expose any beliefs and ideals that I have taken on from the world. I have felt the massage sessions help me clear these energies from my body and each time I walk out feeling re-connected with my true-self. I felt such a difference in myself after only a couple of sessions. The EBM helped me to get into a rhythm of consistently feeling into being more 'me' and how I have been living is reflected in my period.  What used to be a painful and uncomfortable experience is now becoming a humble celebration.
E.H. (age 35) AUS

When the modality was first introduced, the EBM was initially for me a little too daunting to want to experience, and I could not see (then) how it would provide me with anything but actual increased shyness and embarrassment to have it done (!). Yet at the same time I knew that the technique was specifically designed for women — to help address and break through all the things that have stopped me from just being myself and expressing as this. This was key for me working as a woman in the world of business and having to operate in a driven, competitive and targeted arena where my daily sense of worth and fulfilment was achieved from the amount of money/revenue I saved or made the company – and not, as I still continue to learn today, three and a half years on from my first EBM – from being the lovely and tender woman that I can be and am. The EBM sessions have allowed me to experience for myself what this (tangibly) feels like through the practitioner having a respect of me and my situation, and through creating a space that is trusting, safe and nurturing, and importantly – on an equal level with myself to themselves, as women. Such is the integrity of the practitioners and to see them also undergo and deepen even further their own level of transformation, is no less than inspiring to see and feel. Initially I used the EBM sessions to deal with the, at times intense and crippling period pain and PMT which was affecting not only myself but also my job, and those around me. Through continued self-healing and via the EBMs, I still find myself today smiling and in amazed wonder that such periods have ended, that there is joy (not rage!) in having my monthly period. This is evidence for me in the strength and power of regular EBM sessions. And so I continue to use the EBMs as for me it is the modality for women and it is for any woman who wants to really understand themselves as being a woman and also in relation to all others around them – either at home or at work in the office. Quite literally, it has revolutionised how I live my life.
Z.S. (age 37) UK

Since starting EBM sessions I’ve seen big changes in how I live and how I am.  From someone who was very driven, quite fierce and often rigid, I’ve become much gentler, more playful and more joyful in how I express with myself and others.  Previously being a woman was almost secondary, not something I paid attention to – now I enjoy dressing myself embracing that woman, being silly and taking greater care in how I am – I’ve discovered I’m a very graceful lady!  The EBMs have provided the space to allow me to truly feel where I am at, without any imposing or goals – it’s been a stripping away, letting go of all those ideals about how I think I should be, all those comparisons with others, and instead just being me, and taking that out into the world.  Simple and yet very profound.  Just beautiful loving support in being myself.  And with that everything outside has changed, relationships at work, with family – there’s more honesty, more allowing there – we let each other be.  It’s awesome and I would highly recommend an EBM to any woman.
M.G. (age 42) UK

I began a series of eight fortnightly EBMs following a presentation I attended. There were some things from my past that I wanted to deal with and committing to having regular sessions felt to me, that it would help me move forward. Rather than focusing on the things I wanted to deal with and the story of that, the sessions helped me feel my body and the hardness, restriction and the fact I was holding myself and my body in a very protected and controlled state. Whilst I was aware of this, the sessions really showed me how much I was doing that. Then the question of “why?” began to be asked. Slowly, slowly I began to feel safe to communicate in the sessions the things I felt hurt by and with that, feelings of fragility and tiny feelings of Love for myself and others opened up. Subsequently I have noticed that I feel much more relaxed in my body. I have now introduced the encouragement and support I received in my sessions into my day to day life. Realising that I can give that love to myself, rather than remaining in the resentment of what I felt I didn’t get in the past is very liberating. I have also noticed that those tiny feelings of Love for myself and others is growing daily. The most awe-inspiring thing for me is that I did not need effort to begin dealing with the hurts of the past, it was just the willingness to let go which helped the Love start to come out.
S.S. (age 33) UK

I had my first EBM by accident. I had known about them for over a year but the thought just seemed too way out there for me, even though I had heard from other women how wonderful and healing they were. A conversation came up with a therapist and I jokingly said, "if you have any cancellations, let me know." To my horror she did, and so I went along. In my first session issues came up that I thought I had dealt with, and I realised how they were still affecting my life and how I related to people and my family. It is hard to put into words how I felt when I left that session, but the experience was very profound. I am still having sessions and they continue to help me heal deep wounds I never realised were still affecting the way I live. In one session I remember feeling so sad because the gentle loving touch of the therapist made me realise that I am never that loving or gentle with myself. It has not always been pleasant or easy facing up to how I’ve had a hand in creating the life I moan about, or how I’ve settled for less, when inside I’ve known things were truly not right, but ultimately the EBM sessions have helped me connect back to the true me and empowered me to take control and make new choices about how I want to live.
D.D. (age 50) UK

When I first heard about the concept of EBMs, I thought “how weird”. Then I went to an EBM presentation and it seemed less weird. Eventually I went for my first session. The practitioner was gentle and professional. I felt safe AND I found it confronting. Not by anything she did, but by the fact that the EBM exposed many of the unloving choices I had made in my life. During the next few, I found myself feeling sad during and after the sessions. Again, the sadness was about the choices I’d made in life. It took a few sessions, over many months, before I started working with what was exposed, seeing my choices and observing where they had led me. My last session (which is maybe the 10th, I really don’t know), I didn’t feel any sadness. Instead I felt great compassion for myself on this journey back to reclaiming myself as a woman. I’m looking forward to my next session with joy-full anticipation because the sessions are beginning to reflect the more loving and self honouring choices I am currently making.
G.C. (age 61) AUS

The EBM has enabled me to understand a deeper level of myself as a woman.
It has challenged me to look at the areas of denial in my life and address the areas where I have held back from truly being myself due to unnecessary fears, beliefs and ideals which I had bought into just by living in this world. To realise that I do not need to live this way is very freeing and deeply empowering. It opens me up to a greater picture of myself and enables me to ponder the possibility of my inherent greatness. Questions like: ‘Why am I holding myself back?, ‘Who said I had to do it that way?’, ‘What does my inner-heart feel to do instead?’ are prevalent and I am able to ponder ‘ANOTHER WAY’ to do things and to live a life that is softer, more honouring and more loving. The EBM is for me a process of gently opening up to becoming the true, beautiful rose that I am, in my own unique time frame. It is a deeply intimate process bringing me closer and closer to the ‘real’ me.
I.H. (age 45) AUS

Having had breast cancer at 33, the Esoteric Breast Massages have been a profound experience in my overall healing. The EBM sessions have given me insight into feeling and clearing the patterns that I have lived, which led to the breast cancer. The EBMs are deepening my understanding of the importance of self-nurturing and self-love and assisting me to be more in touch with how I live, the actions I take, and if they are healing or harming. The EBMs are such a deeply nurturing experience. I have never felt so connected to my breasts or felt so much love for them until now. Through the treatments I have a deeper connection to myself and my femininity.

D.G. (age 37) AUS

The EBMs I received helped me discover a way of being in my body I hadn’t felt before. They gave me the chance to feel what my body felt like without expectations and judgments towards it. I felt relaxed in my body and with myself, and able to begin to identify why I wasn’t feeling this way all of the time. It was a reference to work from to start making small changes in the way I lived, and learn to work with my body. The EMBs were incredibly healing and powerful for me, and provided in a very nurturing and safe environment. I am very glad I experienced them.
J.L. (age 26) AUS

The Esoteric Breast Massage has supported my self healing in a gentle, nurturing and sensual way…allowing me to access more of me, connecting with the feminine qualities of love, tenderness, self-awareness and a feeling of ‘wholeness’.
R.R. (age 54) AUS

The Esoteric Breast Massage sessions have been a wonderful and steady support for me in re-discovering myself as a woman. All my life I have perceived myself mainly as a person discounting the fact of being female. I was not aware how much I was driving and pushing myself in my daily life at the expense of my body. It had not occurred to me that the stressful energy I was living in, would eventually affect my physical body. To be able to let go of these old patterns with the associated tensions and hardness in my body and especially my breasts, I needed to be able to trust in a modality. This is where the EBM has truly supported me, it is a very gentle, respectful and nourishing modality. I am now learning to live in the sensitivity of the woman and to honour my innate stillness. I feel simply awesome and the sessions have a profound effect  on my relationships as well as my chosen profession.
K.B. (age 58) AUS

When I first heard about the Esoteric Breast Massage, I said that it was not for me, but deep down I was really feeling confronted by it. After my first session I felt, “why did I wait so long?” I have learnt so much about myself as a woman through these massages, how I have been living for others and how much I had left myself behind and how this affected me and my body. And then I started to discover the natural loveliness in me, redefining what it means to be a woman. My life is changing, I am starting to live as a woman, starting to listen to my feelings again, and honouring me. I realised that is what has been missing in me. I feel like there is a new quality of tenderness towards myself. I am now starting to really live as me.
K.S. (age 47) AUS

The stillness and love I am being met with every time I have an EBM session, brings me back to myself and my own essence.  It feels like coming home.  It allows me to connect to my body in a way I haven’t done before. These are TRUE moments with MY body.  I am grateful beyond words to have the opportunity to regularly have these sessions – they help remind me how amazing I really am. This again helps me to make more loving choices for myself in life. Thank you for making this possible.
N.S. (age 37) Norway

To have my breasts touched by another woman was the last thing I ever planned in life. Very strange idea and somehow filled with unaware shame.  I only knew my breasts as ”two things” on my body.  I had only had the experience in the past with people (men) touching my breasts - not with a loving intention but from sexual “love”/lust. I could feel from the first EBM that this was not imposing energy at all, just love and care. After the first adjusting second, being touched on my breast by a practitioner felt very normal, throughout the session. In all my sessions I became aware of all the things I had stored in my breasts, self abuse, mothering issues, deep issues with parents etc. … not always pleasant feelings, tears and resistance. I got to see how I lived – not truly as a woman. With the support of these sessions I am now accepting more and more who I am … A beautiful woman.
S.B. (age 43) Holland

For me the esoteric breast massage was like coming out of a prison. I was not aware how tired I was from holding things tight to my chest. I am now starting to get a sense of who I am behind all that. Thank you.
A.G. (age 49) Norway

Esoteric breast massage is amazing. It has affected the way I relate to everyone around me, especially my partner. It has made me understand that if I treat myself with respect and care, then others start to treat me the same way.  The massage itself feels very caring and supporting, and never “wrong” – it just feels very liberating. Every woman deserves to have these treatments.
G.R. (age 51) Norway

Breast massage is a gentle yet powerful form of healing. I was initially sceptical but from my very first session I was amazed at how effective it was. It allows access to and then clears emotional issues that may have been held for many years within the body. The process can be profound, sometimes challenging and sometimes simply beautiful. Most importantly it has helped me appreciate myself as a woman – something that I took for granted in the past. Breast massage has become an essential form of nurturing and self care for me – it keeps me up to date with my inner self and allows a continual unfolding of myself as a woman.
C.H. (age 50) AUS

I first heard about the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) via the website and felt it would be a helpful treatment to assist with my periods which had changed after the birth of my second child. At first I was very hesitant to allow the massage to take place but my practitioner was so supportive and honouring that I felt only trust in her. Having EBMs has been AMAZING! They have helped me feel myself again. No longer am I just a busy mother and wife who puts herself last – I now know how important it is to care for and nurture myself. Without the EBM I would have stayed in my old pattern of rushing, forgetting about myself and accepting period pain and heaviness – these have now subsided. Never before has a treatment supported and honoured my body and provided an opportunity for me to look at my unloving choices and change these. The EBM provides a true healing – it is an AMAZING treatment that makes you feel AMAZING!
B.B. (age 36) AUS

Before the EBM I suffered from very low self-esteem about my body and in particular about my breasts, they always felt heavy and like this appendage that wasn’t really part of my body. I also suffered from a very painful menstrual cycle. I would be highly emotional and irritable and on the defensive in the week leading up to my period, I had difficulty sleeping, my breasts would be sore and they and my abdomen would be swollen. I would be extremely low on energy and so would overeat which would bloat me further and I would feel even worse. I would then experience horrific lower back pain and bleed heavily during the first two to three days of my period. So basically for two weeks out of every month I was in physical, emotional and mental pain. This all affected my relationships and social life, my performance at work and my ability to exercise and function normally. And because my body didn’t respond well to the contraceptive pill or painkillers I had to suffer through it. On top of all that I didn’t like myself, I hated going clothes shopping, not to mention bra shopping and going out anywhere new. The EBM put me back in touch with my body and breasts, now I have a period with absolutely no pain leading up to or during my period. The bleeding is less heavy and more consistent, although my cycle has always been 28 days since my late teens. I don’t feel wiped out by my period anymore, I do take it a little easier during this time but I don’t have to put myself to bed for a day or two. The best part is that I now like my body again and my breasts feel like they are mine and suit my body. I love going shopping for bras and any clothes and have all the energy I need to be at work, with friends and family and enjoy it. I have an EBM once a month to support me in keeping in touch with, learning about and appreciating my body. I remember when I first started to develop as a woman and menstruate I was fascinated by how amazing and delicate my body was and how lovely I felt in it. That all changed when I entered my teens and every woman I knew seemed to not like their bodies or parts of them and they certainly didn’t like having a period. The EBM has brought me back to that feeling of being fascinated by the delicateness and how lovely that feels.
T.C. (age 35) AUS

EBMs have helped me in truly knowing who I am as a woman and also being responsible for the choices I have made and make. My EBM sessions have assisted me to accept myself and my body, listen to my body and what it is feeling, what it is to be a real woman,  love my unique self, how to embrace all that you are with all your emotions and feelings and work with them, be more in-tune with myself in everything I do, take time out and do loving things for myself and to be in stillness and connect to my true self. Understanding being a woman is wonderful and loving. I love being me.
K.A. (age 57) AUS

I have been receiving Esoteric Breast Massage for two and a half years. These sessions have supported me by way of developing a true connection with me and my body. This modality continues to support my development of awareness & presents to me, what it is, that may be holding me back as a woman, and why I chose to allow this. With this awareness & expansion of self-love I can BE more of me. My commitment to Esoteric Breast Massage will continue as I choose to move forward with a more self-loving body. I can truly express: I’m an AMAZING WOMAN. (I would never have said that two and a half years ago.)
R.B. (age 37) AUS

Having grown up as a ‘tom-boy’ and then chosen a career where I was working in a very male environment, I suppressed my femininity to the extent that when I turned 50 I was diagnosed with life threatening cancer in my most feminine parts. This resulted in me having a hysterectomy and removal of lymph nodes. At that time, although I healed physically, I was not aware that I had not healed the underlying issue, which was my total disconnection to the woman within. Consequently, I went on to suffer several heart attacks. In the last few years I have discovered the Esoteric Breast Massage, which is a very gentle, yet powerful technique which has played a key role in my journey to reclaim myself as a woman and bring up the underlying issues I still needed to deal with. Initially I did not feel anything as I was so numb, but after a few sessions I could connect to the emptiness – like two big black holes in my chest! Now, with the support of my EBM practitioner I am on the path to reconnecting to my fullness as a woman and embracing all that this entails. The EBM is a very loving journey that no woman should miss.
A.M. (age 69) AUS

My recent EBM started with a chat about how I had been feeling. I said how I really had not been feeling great, had a lot of self-doubting thoughts and felt really hard in my shoulder area. The practitioner spoke to me in response and I loved how honest and direct she was, it was refreshing to hear. I got on the table and she began raising my arms, I could feel how tight they were. She did a bit of work on my body and then ended up giving me an arm massage and not a breast massage this time. It was exactly what I needed. At one point she was asking me about how my body felt. I could feel the hardness and how I would not let go of it to let in the love she was offering. At the end she offered a priceless reading on what she felt in my body. I walked out of there and felt like myself again. Since this session I have not been bogged down with negativity and the hardness in my shoulders is shifting.
J.M. (age 28) AUS

The EBM really cut through the crap – the stories I’d been telling myself about what was wrong with me, what I wasn’t doing.  As the practitioner said, “it’s time to get off that round-about”, and it’s up to me to make that choice. I found the session strong but incredibly gentle and supportive.  I could feel the hardness/tightness in my chest which felt like the protection I’d built up to prevent myself being hurt – and it is so easy to focus on what is “wrong” – but the practitioner supported me to feel the amazing warmth beneath that.  Sure, at times during the session I would go back into my head and I’d lose that connection and just feel the hardness again, or worse still, get too caught up in my thoughts to feel anything at all.  But when I caught myself, I could bring myself back, I could re-connect.
H.F. (age 30) AUS

The EBMs have supported me to start to see how I had constructed my life in a way to just get through. My lifestyle was based on what I thought I needed to be. I was getting by in my job, doing well enough but inside knowing there was still so much more then this. In choosing to have an EBM I found it extremely confronting and the whole idea of it did not appeal to me. Through the process and with support I started to feel how so much of the way I was living was not what I truly wanted, it was like I was living a shadow of myself in life. The EBMs allowed me to feel how I had used my body like a suit of armour that I used to battle and get through life. Until I started having EBMs I hadn't been aware of this or that life could be different. The support of the EBMs has allowed me to start to connect with what I am feeling inside and start to express this more in my life.
K.W. (age 32) AUS

Since the beginning of EBMs I have been having them regularly and have noticed a deeper connection with my breasts and my body. I can enjoy my life much more since layers of hardness and hurt are getting lesser. I am still unfolding more with the amazing feeling of being enough as I am, and that means a lot to me when I look back to how I have lived not expressing from the natural beautiful woman that I am. I was feeling empty inside and filling this emptiness in seeking attention and trying to impress by the way I looked and with what I could do. My EBM practitioner always encourages me during the session to feel the hurt and hardness in my breasts from these old patterns and wrong ideals while she provides to me a space of trust and love where I feel safe to surrender and to let go. Her nurturing loving way helps me to re-connect to the love I have in myself equally. That equalness is an amazingly liberating feeling and gives me strength to be me as I am.
M.K. (age 51) AUS

My first EBM, I was a bit nervous knowing there were things to get off my chest, so to speak! The EBM practitioner made me feel comfortable and was deeply respectful to how I was feeling. I felt free to express whatever I was feeling which in itself felt new and freeing. I felt totally respected and honoured. The massage started first with massage to my arms showing me and making me aware of the hardness that I carried in my physiology, then movements were applied to my breasts. During the session I was shocked at how much I checked out when it came to actually feeling. I began to realise how much I was not aware of my breasts on a moment to moment basis. To have been touched so tenderly and non-sexually felt totally new and made me really aware of how hard (a hardness I was not aware of until then) I kept my body. The next day I was really tearful but I welcomed it as I knew it was a deep clearing of where I had been holding on for many years, the tears were letting go. My first period after the session came and was really painful and again I cried lots but even in the pain I was grateful as I knew it was a huge release for me. The pain and deep crying lasted a couple of hours. Afterwards, a new sense of awareness around my body was evident. I was lighter and more aware in my body. I have had a few more sessions since then and I’m always amazed at how the professional honouring touch of an EBM practitioner allows my body to understand itself better to realise why I act in certain ways, why I block out love and to release the energy that has been imposed on my breasts to drop away, leaving my true free self to be more to me and others around me.
S.E. (age 33) UK

EBM has brought me to a deeper honesty with myself. It allows me to feel where I am at, as well as appreciate and honour myself. With the support of the EBM it is easy to feel my own power and natural clarity. It makes my body expand and feel very spacious and vital – being ME is not complicated but truly joyful. For me the EBM has been a great experience!
A.L. (age 45) Germany

Having an EBM reminded me that I am a woman … first and foremost. It reminded me that I am a woman BEfore I DO anything. It exposed how easy it had been to forget the natural expression of being a woman, by assisting me to feel the hardness and even dismissive attitude I held towards my breasts – a consequence of the way I had approached what I thought was being a woman in modern life. Then, I connected to and felt the natural stillness, nurturing, loving capacity us as women naturally have within the breast region of the body.
It brought to my attention, the lack of nurturing and love I was giving to myself, in order to fulfill the roles ‘mother’ ‘wife’ etc. Really the most important role is, for us to reclaim being a woman. Now the choice is … To be me, a woman first, in all that I do.
J.B. (age 43) AUS

The Esoteric Breast Massage sessions have presented an opportunity to connect deeper to myself as a woman. A feeling I had long forgotten. To know the true stillness that awaits within us all, if we but stop and feel. The sessions are truly nurturing, from the initial discussion with the practitioner, to the gentle warmth of the towels and creams. The EBMs have supported and inspired a deep re-connection with my breasts/body, that allows the loveliness within to circulate throughout.
M.R. (age 44) AUS

The very first EBM was a Revelation for me –and I will never ever forget the Joy of that experience.  For the first time I felt that my breasts were part of me. I reconnected to the Woman, a part of myself I had long forgotten and denied. I knew immediately then that this would be a life changing form of Healing for Women and I wanted to make it a part of my life.
D.M. (age 58) AUS

I had heard about the EBM and when I became pregnant I felt to try it. I went for my first session, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, as exposing your breasts to another can be a scary thing. However, at no time during the EBM did I feel exposed or uncomfortable. I found it to be so nurturing and it helped me to feel a connection to my body and to the pregnancy. I decided to have ongoing EBMs during my pregnancy and through the nine months leading up to the birth, I went through a journey of self discovery. The EBMs allowed me to open up about and become honest and really feel what was happening for me with myself and within my relationship with my partner. Becoming a mother can be a scary thing, and can bring up all sorts of emotions about doing it right; through this process I found that I grew as a woman as I gave myself an opportunity to be honest, to feel what was happening in my body and the changes that needed to happen within my relationship. In addition, the breast massage helped prepare me and my breasts for breast-feeding. After having my baby, I am continuing with the EBMs and the unfolding journey with myself.
K.K. (age 29) AUS

The EBM has been so significant in my healing towards discovering what it means to live ‘truly’ as a woman. Although the ‘idea’ of having someone massage my breasts did initially bring some apprehension, I was able to feel and really appreciate that the EBM comes with so much integrity, honesty and love held by the women who practise the EBM. It is the first time I have experienced a truly nurturing and loving touch on my breasts which has been an inspiration for me in deepening my own self-nurturing and honouring of myself. I have found it incredibly revealing to discover what has been held in my breasts…and…it is so amazing to feel the tenderness and loveliness that is underneath. The EBM is a beautiful and sacred gift to assist us in reclaiming our power and the amazing women that we are.
S.H. (age 34) AUS

My EBMs are an ongoing process of becoming more aware what it means to be me, what it means to be a woman instead of how I should look and act as a woman. It is always an experience of feeling the enormous loving and nurturing presence and attention of the practitioner. I never felt any doubt about having an EBM. Of course the first time I was a bit anxious about being touched by another woman on the breasts but from the first EBM till now (about 3 or 4 years later) it has been all a very natural and supportive experiences. And yes, sometimes there are tears or things to be felt that are not so pleasant but it always ends with me feeling so connected to my body and to who I am. And that is every time a new marker I can work with for myself. Let’s be honest, before having the EBMs I was controlled by what others were telling me or what I thought I had to be, instead of having the confidence to listen to myself and to follow what feels really true to me.
A.v.H. (age 51) Netherlands

I am amazed what these treatments are showing me about myself and how I choose to live my daily life. There are numerous things that have been revealed to me during the EBMs – one example would be that I was in my menopause and experiencing strong hot flushes for about a year when I first came to the EBM 4-5 years ago. What the treatment was showing me was that I was holding a lot of negative thoughts about myself that I had not even been aware of, and with the support of the practitioner I was able to pinpoint them and start to let go. After a few EBM sessions I became aware I didn’t get the hot flushes, nor did they ever appear at a later stage. From when I was very young I started to feel that there had been parts of me I had to shut down to protect myself (I had no clue what I was protecting myself against, though it felt like the only way to survive).  The continuous loving support from another female (the practitioner) has made a huge difference in my life – I have learnt to trust, so that I can have a true and honest relationship with myself, not playing a role that I think is expected of me in any area in life.
E.R. (age 54) Norway

For the first time in my life I am able to start to feel what it means to be IN my body.  I have always been fighting through life – and been so angry. I always ended up having complicated relationships and friendships not to speak of family troubles. I have had so many expectations and feeling so let down when they did not come true. The way I was being met in the breast massage session made me begin to understand I just kept fighting against myself . And that I was seeking these fights just to stop the feeling of "being wrong”.  And now having had a few treatments has made me experience something I have never had before, to start to feel what is happening in my body, not what my head is telling me. I was very positively surprised by the careful approach the therapist had to my body – all with respect and consideration of how “far” I was ready to go.
V.Y. (age 45) Norway

I had a great deal of EBM treatments over the last few years and the reason for this is that they are so much more than any pampering, any ordinary massage, any spa visit or even therapeutic treatment. Besides the fact that the treatment itself is an amazing experience of support and gentle nurturing, it is also a real opportunity to talk about all sorts of women’s issues and look at areas in my life that do not really work out. Each time they inspire a real opportunity to truly change and let go of something in me: an unloving behaviour, a belief system, negative thoughts, bad food choices, destructive habits, etc. This is the fascinating part of the EBM: the inspiration for change. And there is more: it gives me a feeling in my body of lightness, of wholeness, of love, it leaves me in stillness, which all together is a very freeing experience. This feeling reminds me that there is more than just my everyday worries and problems. I can only wish for every woman to have such an experience at least once in her life!
J.A. (age 41) Germany

I had several EBM sessions – in every one I could feel so much love and care from my practitioner, it was amazing and heart warming. Thank you. The treatment itself was very tender – but for me also very intense. It stirred up several feelings afterwards, it seemed to “clear” old emotions and some fears came up. I had the realisation that never again will I allow myself to be suppressed by other people. I am now feeling less heavy and very thankful for all these treatments, support and love.
D.K. (age 67) Germany

Before ever hearing of Esoteric Breast massages I had not put much thought into my relationship with my breasts and if you had asked me about them I would have said all is ok. It was not that I ignored them but neither did I give them any particular attention. My very first EBM was enormously exposing as to how disconnected my breasts really were. The amazing respect, love and nurturing support from the practitioner made it not about ‘massaging my breasts’ as a physical experience but a gentle discovery within myself as a woman. In the sessions thereafter it showed me how important our relationship with our breasts is and how much we are ‘stowing away’ there. Even today every session that I have brings up more beliefs, ideals or ways of being as a woman that are not true to who I am and sometimes even come as a complete surprise to me! If you feel to give yourself a loving gift consider having an EBM, I guarantee it will surprise you and quite possibly change your life.
C.B. (age 40) Belgium

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In a concise description, it can be said that Esoteric Healing brings the arrest of the ill energy that is causing the ill Will. It is the Will or, range of choices that one makes, that needs to be healed, if what lays at hand is a condition that needs healing. But, no Will can be changed or altered if the energy entering the body is not changed.

Esoteric Body Work

What is Esoteric Massage?

Esoteric Massage is a form of therapy that brings forth restoration of true movement to the body by creating the right flow of energy to the muscles and joints used in physical expression.

Esoteric Massage can help to release the ingrained disharmony or ill energy, which causes the body to move or function in dysfunction and or in an ill-mannered way.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture

What is it?

Essentially, Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a form of healing for the body in which needles, applied very lightly, allow the body to configure back to a true energetic and physical harmonious state, and thus clearing the ill energetic and physical energetic state that the body is in.

It is easier to liken this modality to the use of needles just like in acupuncture. That said, this is not acupuncture and there are no traditional acu-points used.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

What is Connective Tissue Therapy?

Essentially, it is a deeply stilling form of manual therapy that allows the body to re-instate its deepest form of energetic status. This is achieved by allowing the pulse of the Lymphatic System to symbiotically correspond with the body’s own ensheathing web – the connective tissue. When the two combine, under a specific pulse activated by the practitioner, the body begins to respond and thus there is a certain flow in its deepest and most natural innate state.


Since mid 1999 Universal Medicine has made available its array of Healing Therapies to the public at large. The Therapies offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments. They are not 'alternative' or 'new age' and nor are they anti Western Medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful of Western Medicine and its great service to society. Our Therapies are very gentle and work with the being and its body to assist in its own healing. The range of modalities on offer cover many aspects of healing.

As mentioned in his short dossier (see ‘About Serge’), Serge is not a teacher who is removed and or not wholly in touch with what is happening in society everywhere. Working long hours with patients in his clinics in Australia and in the UK gives Serge very hands-on insight and knowledge of the many ills and woes that affect, afflict and exist as we live our daily lives in this world of ours today.

Universal Medicine runs a series of courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to bring a greater understanding to the path of true self-healing, and with that understanding and knowledge, to bring such healing to family members, friends and colleagues. The courses also cater for the professional seeking more from their life and or for those who seek the path of becoming an esoteric practitioner.

Universal Medicine Retreats

Universal Medicine offers Retreats as a way of presenting practical and liveable ways to bring back a very steady and deeply rewarding way of life. These five-day live-in courses are comprised of and from the living knowledge and the Energetic Laws that come from the Ageless Wisdom.

As well as the many interactive series of presentations and activities, the participants also get to experience a wide range of shared community and society life with the participants that come from all over the world.

As part of its services, Universal Medicine offers those seeking to become students a range of online studies. Some online studies are free of charge once one has signed on to become a student whilst others need to be purchased … proceeds of which are directed to help support Universal Medicine’s family and student support programs.

The online study is only available through our student study site:
Study site

By way of service, Universal Medicine provides easy-to-do meditation techniques. Its founder has been teaching the energetically true Science and Art of Meditation since 1999. The knowledge, teaching, form, technique, style and method come from and thus are based on an impress known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Based on this energetically true background knowledge, on the subject of Meditation, Universal Medicine takes the following stance –

On this page you will be able to download any number of free audio items as listed below.

In due course, you will see the list expand with a number of differing/varying styles of meditation to help/assist the many that are today seeking some rest/stop/gentleness and or some stillness in their lives.

As we have stated in our article on ‘meditation’ – we take the science and its business very seriously given that not all forms or styles of meditation are energetically safe.

As far back as 2001, Universal Medicine began hosting esoteric based Meditation Groups in response to those who were seeking true group work and or healing from past group work that had not lived-up to what they had sought or what they innately knew it to truly be but could not find anywhere. Before then, Serge had already established the teachings of true meditation to help heal and correct the many who were assuming they were meditating, but in-truth were harming themselves spiritually due to the lack of knowledge about the unseen ill energetic effects.