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Esoteric Breast Massage (referred to as the EBM) is a modality practised only by women, for women. The EBM is there to support women to reconnect to their body, to be more aware of their body and to feel the depth of gentleness that they are capable of. An EBM is a very gentle and delicate massage that specifically centres around the lymphatic part of the breast, which is on the sides from the armpits down.

Today many women lack true care and connection with their bodies, and as a result, with their breasts. Many women are not as aware as they could be with their own bodies. Some are too scared to check for signs like lumps or breast tissue changes that may indicate that they should get a check-up or a breast examination. Many women who have received an EBM will say that it supports them to become more aware of their body, thus more aware of what they are actually feeling in their body and their breasts, whether that is swelling, lumps or pain, etc.

The EBM also highlights to women the need to care for and nurture themselves, as many women are used to putting others first, which can leave them exhausted and their bodies depleted. As a result of having an EBM many, many women have been inspired to truly nurture and honour themselves. In addition, women are encouraged and inspired to take more responsibility for their own overall health, wellbeing and breast care and have more regular breast examinations, rather than wait until there is something significantly wrong before they see a GP.

What does an EBM session actually involve?

The first session is an explanation or consultation session. This means that no massage takes place. During such discussions an EBM is explained in detail along with how it relates to the overall Esoteric Women’s Health program. This program makes available to the woman additional specialised women’s health treatments and support. There are women’s presentations and developmental discussion groups, all of which are voluntary and never a mandatory part of her healing program. Consent is obtained for treatments and a history is taken including the woman’s menstrual, gynaecological and reproductive details along with major life events, other conditions and her current state of wellbeing.

Warmth is central to the treatment, in providing a healing environment in which the woman is able to more easily feel she can surrender to herself away from the ‘doing and busy-ness’ of life. The treatment room is heated, the client is given a warmed, disposable towel to place over her breasts once she has removed her top and bra and makes her way to the treatment table where a larger warmed towel is placed over her. She remains covered at all times except when a specific part of her upper body is being massaged.

We start with preliminary hands-on healing work to parts of the body specific to the need of each individual woman. Then, warmed cream and oil are tenderly applied to one breast at a time and the gentle massage proceeds with focus predominantly to the side of the breasts in the lymphatic area and under the armpits, the heart area and then to the breast itself.

What does an EBM session cost?

Currently EBM sessions cost $70 in Australia, £60 in the UK and 75 Euros in Europe.

EBM Practitioner's: Training and Qualifications

The training to become an EBM Practitioner is extremely thorough, and it takes a minimum of 4 years training to become qualified. The integrity, responsibility and commitment first to one’s own development and then to the support of other women are of utmost importance. All practitioners need to abide by the comprehensive and uncompromising ‘Code of Ethics’ established by the Esoteric Practitioners Association*, Universal Medicine's in-house practitioner support and development body instigated by Universal Medicine to monitor the level of practise and intergrity of the Universal Medicine modalities taught by Universal Medicine. EBM practitioners must also be fully insured. Thus, at present, there are only 9 EBM Practitioners worldwide. Many women have expressed interest in becoming EBM Practitioners, but only those with the requisite level of integrity, responsibility and commitment may begin the training and then seek assessment and EPA* recognition.

Can a man train to be an Esoteric Breast Massage Practitioner?

No, the Esoteric Breast Massage is not a healing therapy that is available for men to train and practise. And while the modality was founded by a man (Serge Benhayon) neither he nor any other man has ever performed an Esoteric Breast Massage. In order to initially train the practitioners Benhayon demonstrated the techniques well above the clothed body of his wife; the prospective practitioners then practised the technique amongst themselves without Benhayon in the rooms.

There are many massage schools that teach breast massage to both their male and female students, in contrast Universal Medicine has always maintained that the EBM be a modality that is only ever practised by women for women. This is with the understanding that it is only through the woman knowing her own body and developing that deep care and nurturing with herself that she can inspire the possibility of the same in another. The nurturing qualities must be lived by the woman practitioner (never to perfection but with a deep care and dedication), in all aspects of her life and her way with herself, in order for the female client to receive the reflection that can provide the inspiration for her to re-connect to the same in herself. A man cannot provide this reflection for the simple reason that he is not in a woman's body.

Ongoing Professional Development and Training

All EBM Practitioners have monthly ongoing training sessions with an EPA Recognised* trainer and monthly support meetings with trainers and a female doctor. They have twice yearly assessments and are recognised by the EPA* to be able to practise the EBM each year for a 12-month period. If they do not pass the yearly assessment they are asked to stand down.

Mary-Louise Myers

EBM co-ordinator for the Northern Rivers NSW
Australian Trainer of the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM)

About Mary-Louise Myers

Mary-Louise has worked as a Health Practitioner and Massage Therapist for the past 25 years. During this time she also worked extensively in drug and alcohol rehabilitation, with elderly people who care for partners/family members with a debilitating disease, and with support workers and counsellors in the health arena.

Mary-Louise has been working at the Universal Medicine clinic since 2007 specialising in Women’s Health. Her passion is working with women and supporting them to re-connect to their naturally nurturing ways. Mary-Louise is the EBM Trainer for Australia and EBM co-ordinator for the Northern Rivers NSW.

About Universal Medicine

Universal Medicine is in the business of delivering teachings that are about everyday self-loving choices. Participants have shared that making these choices gives them the opportunity to consistently feel lighter, clearer and more naturally vital in their day-to-day lives. The teachings are delivered in the form of lectures, talks, audios and treatment sessions at UniMed clinics. UniMed founder, Serge Benhayon also regularly holds courses, workshops and retreats in Australia and internationally.

* The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development of the practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Healing Therapies

Sacred Esoteric Healing


In a concise description, it can be said that Esoteric Healing brings the arrest of the ill energy that is causing the ill Will. It is the Will or, range of choices that one makes, that needs to be healed, if what lays at hand is a condition that needs healing. But, no Will can be changed or altered if the energy entering the body is not changed.

Esoteric Body Work

What is Esoteric Massage?

Esoteric Massage is a form of therapy that brings forth restoration of true movement to the body by creating the right flow of energy to the muscles and joints used in physical expression.

Esoteric Massage can help to release the ingrained disharmony or ill energy, which causes the body to move or function in dysfunction and or in an ill-mannered way.

Esoteric Chakra-puncture

What is it?

Essentially, Esoteric Chakra-puncture is a form of healing for the body in which needles, applied very lightly, allow the body to configure back to a true energetic and physical harmonious state, and thus clearing the ill energetic and physical energetic state that the body is in.

It is easier to liken this modality to the use of needles just like in acupuncture. That said, this is not acupuncture and there are no traditional acu-points used.

Esoteric Connective Tissue Therapy

What is Connective Tissue Therapy?

Essentially, it is a deeply stilling form of manual therapy that allows the body to re-instate its deepest form of energetic status. This is achieved by allowing the pulse of the Lymphatic System to symbiotically correspond with the body’s own ensheathing web – the connective tissue. When the two combine, under a specific pulse activated by the practitioner, the body begins to respond and thus there is a certain flow in its deepest and most natural innate state.


Since mid 1999 Universal Medicine has made available its array of Healing Therapies to the public at large. The Therapies offer healing and complementary support to conventional treatments. They are not 'alternative' or 'new age' and nor are they anti Western Medicine. They are in fact very pro and thus respectful of Western Medicine and its great service to society. Our Therapies are very gentle and work with the being and its body to assist in its own healing. The range of modalities on offer cover many aspects of healing.

As mentioned in his short dossier (see ‘About Serge’), Serge is not a teacher who is removed and or not wholly in touch with what is happening in society everywhere. Working long hours with patients in his clinics in Australia and in the UK gives Serge very hands-on insight and knowledge of the many ills and woes that affect, afflict and exist as we live our daily lives in this world of ours today.

Universal Medicine runs a series of courses throughout the year. These courses are designed to bring a greater understanding to the path of true self-healing, and with that understanding and knowledge, to bring such healing to family members, friends and colleagues. The courses also cater for the professional seeking more from their life and or for those who seek the path of becoming an esoteric practitioner.

Universal Medicine Retreats

Universal Medicine offers Retreats as a way of presenting practical and liveable ways to bring back a very steady and deeply rewarding way of life. These five-day live-in courses are comprised of and from the living knowledge and the Energetic Laws that come from the Ageless Wisdom.

As well as the many interactive series of presentations and activities, the participants also get to experience a wide range of shared community and society life with the participants that come from all over the world.

As part of its services, Universal Medicine offers those seeking to become students a range of online studies. Some online studies are free of charge once one has signed on to become a student whilst others need to be purchased … proceeds of which are directed to help support Universal Medicine’s family and student support programs.

The online study is only available through our student study site:
Study site

By way of service, Universal Medicine provides easy-to-do meditation techniques. Its founder has been teaching the energetically true Science and Art of Meditation since 1999. The knowledge, teaching, form, technique, style and method come from and thus are based on an impress known as the Ageless Wisdom.

Based on this energetically true background knowledge, on the subject of Meditation, Universal Medicine takes the following stance –

On this page you will be able to download any number of free audio items as listed below.

In due course, you will see the list expand with a number of differing/varying styles of meditation to help/assist the many that are today seeking some rest/stop/gentleness and or some stillness in their lives.

As we have stated in our article on ‘meditation’ – we take the science and its business very seriously given that not all forms or styles of meditation are energetically safe.

As far back as 2001, Universal Medicine began hosting esoteric based Meditation Groups in response to those who were seeking true group work and or healing from past group work that had not lived-up to what they had sought or what they innately knew it to truly be but could not find anywhere. Before then, Serge had already established the teachings of true meditation to help heal and correct the many who were assuming they were meditating, but in-truth were harming themselves spiritually due to the lack of knowledge about the unseen ill energetic effects.