Esoteric Presentation for Women

Esoteric Presentation for Women


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This downloadable audio is taken from the series of Esoteric Presentations for Women presented by Natalie Benhayon, held monthly in Australia, and, Bi-Annually in the UK.

Many women today are finding themselves through an array of illnesses and diseases, which sadly, is fast becoming a common reality for most. These conditions are not only in the physical body, but also in the struggles through emotional issues/behaviours as we deal with the increasing intensity of day-to-day living that has impacted onto the quality of one’s health and way of life.

The presentations are a new collective voice for women that re-introduce old values and know-hows that help re-instate our natural inner-harmony and thus restoring balance of living, health, well-being and true healing for ourselves as women.

Download is 46 Min 48 Sec