Esoteric Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness - Vol III

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations for The Livingness - Vol III

by Serge Benhayon

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This third volume in the series of intermittently compiled and published treasures from the unfathomable depth and breadth of the Ageless Wisdom have been taken from email communications, from books, published and not yet published, and from workshop notes and presentations.

This time round, topics more specifically covered are as diverse and ever pertinent to daily life and the purpose and mastery of life on earth as Sociology / Psychology / Medicine & Healing / Education / Love & Relationships / The Process and Path of Evolution / Multidimensional Health & Wholebody-Mindedness / Evil and Its Attempt to Have Its Way / Science, Energy & Quantum Advance of Intellect / Esoteric Humour & Witticism as well as contributions from other students of the Ageless Wisdom.

And, by way of the briefest introduction to this tome – 

“A truly embodied truth has no needs or need for justification, 
for it is, thus, it is.” – SB

Article by: Gabriele Conrad