The Science of Multidimensional Psychology 1

The Science of Multidimensional Psychology 1

by Serge Benhayon

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We simply cannot afford to place more time,
resources, effort and money into further material advancement if we do not make our actual way of daily life one that is true to the being and to the
body that has to live each breath of it.

Because our physically visual world is not all that exists, we will be far wiser as human beings to be open to the fact that we are not the drivers but the vehicle that is being driven.

Therefore, we need to undertake a very sensible, deeply all-encompassing and whole study of what exactly we have done and are doing. It is not just about what we produce and shower the world with materially; the real measure of any true advancement will always be the harmonious state of every-day-being we have in the living people of our planet and thus what exact state of being we pass on to our ensuing generations.

~ Serge Benhayon