The Science of Multidimensional Psychology 2

The Science of Multidimensional Psychology 2

by Serge Benhayon

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To be energetically ignorant, which translates to one lacking energetic integrity and responsibility, is to Nature the equivalent of the most horrific forms of crime. And if you consider these words to be an extravagant exaggeration, or the statement being ‘alarmist’, you are ignoring all that is caused by us not living in accordance to how life actually operates, an energetic factor we simply cannot ignore, as the voluminous catalogue of evidence clearly shows.

Does anybody care to consider that the energetic state of being of our planet and our entire human body and its beingness is an ongoing balance of energetic delicacy that we must abide by?

With each step offered by life there is evolution. 

And what exactly is evolution? A return to universal forms of energetic integrity and responsibility.

~ Serge Benhayon