The Situation

The Situation

A Student's Study for and about the Factor of Magnificent Humanness
by Serge Benhayon

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THE SITUATION – A student’s study for and about the factor of Magnificent Humanness

What is this situation that has provided the title for this book? The situation is creation, the antithesis of our godliness, of our origins as gods and the magnificence that today can easily be lived in human form.

The Situation is what we are born into as another moving part of this big jigsaw puzzle of interacting but in truth forever colliding and jarring pieces that vie for supremacy in a seemingly endless game of one-upmanship, competition and jostling for positions in the pursuit of protection and security, for self and those related by blood or deemed close by other labels and definitions. And who cares about the rest of all of us, let their friends and relatives or the government and associated social services do their bit; in other words, in this geographical location called the Situation the battle lines and demarcations are drawn from day one if not from before we are born as the projections, ideals and beliefs of our parents and immediate and wider family, of institutionalised religion, of customs and heritage precede our arrival and make sure we don’t slip through the net and dance to a different and true tune.

But the Situation is not what we are or where we come from; the Situation is a wilfully created abomination which had to avail itself of divine particles to firstly fashion an outfit, a suit called the human body and then spawn all the accoutrements that physical life requires, needs and impetuously demands. In other words, comfort and entitlement reign supreme. Add to that effort, ownership and knowledge and you have the full menu of what presents and perpetuates itself as very uncomfortable comfort, this meagre smorgasbord of fake delights.

The Situation is perpetuated by complicity, the complicity of collusion, withdrawal and making the best of it, by muddling through in depravity, opulence or the myriad of shades in between. The Situation is founded on the taciturn agreement with what is in truth alien and against our nature as divine beings that were, a very long time ago, tempted and enchanted enough to don physicality.

But the price tag is hefty and the restlessness and forever unsettlement are impossible to quell in this ocean of seething discontent. And neither money, position nor possessions and no highfalutin space travel can in truth provide a way out.

The only way out is the way in, through the immediacy and presence of the physical body and its unceasing communication and forever correspondence with where its particles were taken from – the universe, space, God’s atmic body.

Enjoy the scales falling from your eyes and ‘finding out’ what you have always known – after all, who ever aspired to grow up to become addicted to drugs, hooked on a screen or several, be fed the numbing narrative of the mass media instead of the truth and provided with pornography in exchange for intimacy and generally treated like a number or easily replaceable microchip in exchange for magnificent humanness and the riches of  heaven.