Teachings & Revelations Vol IV

Teachings & Revelations Vol IV

by Serge Benhayon

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Published in 2021 as Book 15, this 4th volume in the series of Teachings & Revelations which started ten years prior, with Book 7 in 2011, offers further great richness of material collected from workshops, emails, other written material and oral contributions on 483 pages.

This book also has a last page, simply called ‘last page’, where Serge Benhayon unequivocally states that his work since 1999 has been about presenting a way of life that is free of abuse of any kind. And this definition of abuse-free goes well beyond what society would consider to be abusive – and thus, a look, a grimace, a grunt can be abusive as is watching pornography in the assumed privacy of one’s room, as is the tone of voice, a raised voice or the slightest of slight hints or intimations, verbal or otherwise, of a threatening or demeaning gesture. This way of life draws the line and takes no prisoners, does not compromise or side with comfort or convenience, does not change its beat, does not give up or withdraw.

Serge Benhayon has presented and taught these benchmarks for well over 20 years now and his track record is unequalled – no matter the fierce and obstinate denial from some quarters. Repetitive and ad nauseam paraded regurgitation and recirculation do not equal the truth; the closest such iterations might get to a truth is the conveniently fabricated truth, fuelled by jealousy and informed by the inner knowing that what Serge Benhayon lives, role-models and presents is available to all and a mere matter of alignment to one of two available sources, the evil of separation or the love of God.

And thus, this book is another offering full to the brim with Sayings & Revelations in six chapters, from General Sayings (nearly 400 pages of them) to Evolution, Creation, Work, Language and Words and contributions from guest contributors.

In line with the last page and true to the alignment, page 12 offers the following:

“Never decline or let pass an opportunity to show the world the despicable and in-truth abnormality that are bullying, prejudice, fraud, corruption, defamation and supremacy. If we let slip such a moment, then, it is not only the preference of comfort over your innate truth, it is also the enabling of evil to have its way, an intent that is designed to make appear normal and by that what is to be accepted human custom when the truth is that such vile acts are purely abnormal to our unsullied inner-most senses.” 

On a similar note, on page 477 one of the guest contributors offers:

“We are either in degradation of ourselves,
others and the world around us or
we are in confirmation of all its and our beauty –
it's only ever one or the other.”

These two examples clearly demonstrate that everything counts, that “nothing is nothing because everything is everything” (as already presented in Book 9, Teachings & Revelations Volume II, p. 291, published in 2016) and that the consistency, steadfastness and anti-comfort lived presence of magnificent humanness is by no means too good to be true but a very practical and daily lived application of the Ageless Wisdom in modern terms.

As always, the age-old question is: when have we had enough and when are we ready to live and move what we all already know?