There is a Field of Immeasurable Love

There is a Field of Immeasurable Love

by Serge Benhayon

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It is The Lie and its lies that we need to abolish – not each other or the world’s ecosystems. The Lie has created a reality of perpetual embezzlement. Accordingly, human life is funded by a system of unfathomable corruption. It cannot be any other way while The Lie remains fiercely protected. Thus, we have a model of life based on lies that preserve the one that is required to keep the entire scam concealed. And what is this One Lie? That we are only human. The energetic fact is that we are not solely human. If the whole show is solely human, then why have we not matured by the very basic act of experience, as in, the hot plate burnt you so don’t touch it again, and hence done away with any form of abuse, greed and division many thousands of years ago? But no; the many ages old repetitions of what we all know is not true not to mention the prolific amount of unnecessary senselessness prove the fact that what runs the human show does not have the factor of being human as its prime worth. 

As you can tell from this précis, this book goes there. Will humanity? Are we going to continue to be part of the story that feeds and protects The Lie, or will we free ourselves from playing the required roles that make it all look normal, a normal that never fails to hurt us in the many ways that it has and continues to do? Since March 1999 I have made my standpoint very clear. Now it is over to you. 

~ Serge Benhayon