A Treatise on Consciousness

A Treatise on Consciousness

by Serge Benhayon

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This book is the nuts and bolts of a science few if any have been able to truly grasp. And yet, there it is, presented as simple as a professor can talk about the subject they have mastered. Never before have the energetic facts been presented on one of mankind’s most elusive subject matters. So profound and yet so simple is this ancient mystery revealed for us all to re-awaken to, and thus for us to begin to apply in our daily lives. And the purpose? All of Serge’s teachings are geared to let you know who you truly are so that your living way can return to that way of being and thus by reflection, inspire others to remember and hence likewise choose to return.

A Quote from the 462 page impress ~

“We need to seriously look at our true state of being and, without fear, address what has not worked for aeons, and hence bring a true change to the way in which it all is so that the true living nature that is within the inner-heart of every man makes itself the living truth and our natural way of life.” ~ Serge and the Hierarchy

‘A Treatise on Consciousness’ is a 462 paper-back impress now in its second edition.

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Article by: Gabriele Conrad