The Way of Initiation

The Way of Initiation

by Serge Benhayon

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The whole premise of the teachings that Serge brings this time round is to help us all understand that we are returning to who we truly are and not in-truth going anywhere into the future. He relates this ancient truth to the fact that we go around the Sun in eternal circles thus smashing the illusional perception that time is lineal. As he teaches – "if we go around and around the sun, it makes far more sense than anything else to consider that we are here to get something right … why else would we just go round and around in circles? And hence, that ‘right’ is that we are originally Divine and thus, we are here to return to being that by expressing in full that way of being … and around and around we will go until we all return. It is therefore far wiser to live under the ageless truths that teach about one-unification of mankind. To get there, there is much to clear and discard, for that simplicity has not been our chosen way."

The Way of Initiation proposes and provides the way of life that will re-ignite the ancient held levels of energetic responsibility to self and to others. It delivers these teachings under the irrefutable facts about the true science of energy and life … a truth Serge says we can no longer afford to ignore, ‘as the planet and our bodies are telling us so’.

'The Way of Initiation' is a 744 paper-back impress.

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Article by: Gabriele Conrad