The Way It Is

The Way It Is

– A Treatise on Energetic Truth
by Serge Benhayon

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As you read this book you will discover a familiarity and knowingness. It is an awakening if not a re-awakening about the true workings of human life, and how we got here. It presents ancient truths that reveal, re-connect and thus awaken one to realise that the way things are need not be and that every single human being has a choice we have become oblivious to -- a choice that has been mothballed and not exercised for a very long time. One day it will be re-discovered that what is presented here is in fact ‘the way it is’. When that day arrives, varying in its arrival and differing in time to each and every one of us, the title will be known as ‘The Way’ -- It is.

A quote from the 450 page impress ~

“Never before have we had such clarity in what is actually needed to live in the livingness of God's love. Never have we had outside the realms of true esoteric teachings the simplicity from which to attain such growth through grace. And never before have the seeds been laid down so fervently that the son cannot recognise that which lay before him as the seed of truth and the key to self salvation.” ~ KH. & D.K.

‘The Way It Is - A Treatise On Energetic Truth’ is a 450 paper-back impress.

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Article by: Gabriele Conrad