Testimonials Esoteric Breast Massage


The Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) sessions I have received over the years have been a foundational support in my understanding of myself as a woman.

Before Esoteric Breast Massages (EBM) I was not really aware of how disassociated I was from my own body, how much I loathed myself and how critical I was of myself as a woman, a mother and a wife.

The sessions supported and assisted me in clearing old hurts, judgments, abuse and impositions I had accumulated in my life and the associated tensions that build up as a result of not dealing with them.

Thanks to this remarkable modality and the dedication of its practitioners in conjunction with other modalities offered by Universal Medicine I was able to begin to hold and know myself as a precious woman of great worth and depth and even come to the terms with the endless beauty that shines from within.

Aged 63


I have been receiving the Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) for around 10 years and have seen 6 different practitioners over this time (having moved countries around 5 years ago). Over this time I have found the EBM very supportive in many areas of my life. At the ground level it allows me to connect very deeply with myself and my body. The EBM let me feel exactly where my body is at – whether that be vital, tired, stressed, lovely or open – and from there I can begin to make choices to either confirm how I am feeling or to make different choices to support my body to come back to a more balanced way of being that it very naturally wants to do.

The treatments themselves are very honouring of a woman and her body. I have always found each practitioner ensures that I am comfortable with the whole process and in my earlier sessions they have very clearly explained the procedure and process before undertaking the session. I have also always been advised by the practitioner to speak up at any time if I feel any discomfort or feel I do not want to proceed with the treatment. The care that is taken by the practitioner when preparing for the session is second to none. From the way that the warm towels are placed on the body, always making sure that I am covered up before, after and in between the different aspects of the massage, to making sure that my arms are in a comfortable and supported position, to the temperature of the room. The touch of the practitioner is always very gentle and very honouring of the body, with no imposition.

I have a history of painful periods and painful breasts before my period. In the years that I have been receiving EBM’s I have had a significant reduction in the amount and duration of pain during my periods.

I feel this is partly to do with how they have allowed me to be more loving with myself and my body. This has allowed me to make more loving choices to support myself whereas before I didn’t have much regard for how I treated myself or my body.

Being more connected to myself and my body I can make different choices in what I eat, resting and not pushing my body when I am tired, and also seeking medical expertise from my GP instead of ignoring what my body is indicating. I have started having regular checks with my GP for pap smears and breast checks, and with the encouragement of my current practitioner saw my GP after I had found a lump in my breast.

I was referred by my GP to have a mammogram which came back as clear, however I will still continue to have check ups as part of my new level of self-care. I have also had blood tests to check my hormone levels as encouraged by my EBM practitioner and with the support of my GP and a naturopath I have made changes to my way of living that resulted in having my first period in over 20 years without any painkillers.

Life can be intense at times and the space and quality that is offered in the EBM has been an immeasurable support for me. Being able to look at life from a feeling of connection and stillness, and to observe life rather than getting caught up in the intensity of it is a very valuable tool, and one that the EBM allows me to connect to. It is a modality I would not hesitate to recommend to any woman.

MF, 38

Esoteric Breast Massage has been one of the most profound experiences I have ever experienced as a woman.  It has allowed me to reconnect to the innate woman I am inside, the part of me that has always been there but the part that I dismissed for such a long time. 

What does that mean exactly?  Well for me, over the two years I have been receiving EBMS I have grown in self-confidence and self-esteem.  I have a greater sense of the woman I am. I have gone from a woman who was ruled by self-doubt to a woman who trusts her own feelings – looking from the outside you could say I am more comfortable in my own skin. I’ve started to build a relationship with myself and my body that has shifted from the negative thoughts I grew up with such as – “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not pretty enough”, “I don’t like my body shape” to valuing and appreciating myself. I no longer want to, or feel I need to change to fit in to the world but instead feel content to be me in the world. This change in attitude has supported my levels of anxiety and nervousness to drop away. For years I felt like a girl living in a woman’s body and now I feel like a woman in a woman’s body.

What’s involved?  When I first heard of EBM’s I didn’t think it was strange at all, in fact it made sense to me that as women some of our deepest wounds would be held in this area.  The only concern I had was how is it going to happen? EBM is a modality solely for women, carried out by women only. In all my EBM sessions and there have been many, I have never received or experienced any inappropriate or misconstrued behaviour during this time.  Instead I have only ever been offered a level of love, respect and care that I have generally not even given myself in the past. This level of care and respect has been so genuinely felt by me that this in itself has been one of the greatest gifts of the EBM and has allowed me an opportunity to actually see that I am worth the level of care the practitioners demonstrate towards me and given me the inspiration to start to treat myself in the same way.

Overall the EBMs have allowed me to grow into the woman I’ve always wanted to be, to build a relationship with myself where I actually value myself and supported me to drop old behaviours and patterns that I’ve been wanting to drop for years but could never sustain in the past.  For the first time in my life I can say I truly feel alive, connected and happy to be me - a woman in the world today.

FD, Lismore, NSW
Age 52 (Almost)

I have been booking myself in to see Esoteric Breast Massage (EBM) practitioners for a number of years now and absolutely love what this modality has given me in relation to my overall well-being, relationships, self-confidence and physical and mental health. There are a number of significant factors that have me returning to this modality regularly for treatments as part of my everyday practice of self-care and well-being.

The EBM revealed that I was disconnected to my breasts as well as other aspects of myself for a variety of reasons and excuses. I, along with many other women, had fallen for wanting a woman’s body that was only achievable through photoshopping and thus my physical attributes, my breasts included, were never enough. The EBM changed all of this so that I can honestly say that I love my body. This shift in itself is miraculous and has completely changed how I relate to myself and the relationships that I have with others.

As I have been honoring myself more and caring for myself in a much more loving way the relationships around me, especially with my husband and daughter, have also become much more truthful, caring, respectful and loving.

Secondly, I have a confidence that sits within and is not made up of anything external or outside of myself but rather it lives within and it gets stronger the more I settle into myself and stay very connected to who I am as a woman. The EBM allows you to connect deeply to yourself and it does not just quieten the body from the world that rushes around it, it brings the body to an exquisite stillness where you get to bask in the amazingness that is very simply you in harmony with your body.

And finally, the depth to which you can surrender yourself in an EBM session has given me a space to know qualities that were words on a page but not lived. The qualities that I have a relationship with and bring into my life on a daily basis are tenderness, delicateness, harmony, joy, stillness, truth, preciousness, sweetness, sacredness and love. To know what these words mean at work, with family and friends, shopping, exercising, cooking, driving and cleaning has meant that I bring much more love to everything that I do.

Western Australia