Jacqueline McFadden, Amsterdam, Holland

How can a healthy woman get breast cancer? That is the question of our times. Illness and disease rates are sky rocketing and no-one knows the answer.  Not one person from the medical professional could answer my question, but one person did – Serge Benhayon.

Serge Benhayon advised me to have the treatment and helped me to understand that my body needed the Medical Treatment. I had massive resistance to medical treatment because if the cancer didn’t kill me the chemicals (drugs) would. Also, what quality of life was I going to have to endure during medical treatment? No way was I going to suffer through all that, and it wasn’t fair (in my mind). I had never smoked, never taken drugs, no alcohol, I had never abused my body. I was a yoga teacher for goodness sake, clean living and very healthy.
I had 5 months of chemotherapy and I had five months of Chakra-puncture as a complementary therapy to support me whilst undergoing the chemo. I had no adverse reactions during the 5 months. I had no sickness, nausea, stomach complaints etc, none. I sailed through chemo. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that the chemo wash (Chakra-puncture) made a huge difference to how my body coped with all the drugs going into my body. After only four weeks of chemo, the tumour was reduced by 50%. End of second cycle, the tumour had gone, I could not feel it.

After chemotherapy I had my operation, followed by five weeks of radiation, with sufficient time in between to recover. My cancer was aggressive and was hormone positive. After the operation the results came back and not only was I completely clear, but a change had occurred, the cancer was now no longer hormone positive. Which meant I did not need to have the hormone therapy after the radiation finished. I was amazed and delighted with this new result. 

I was busy with medical treatment for almost a year. All during that time I continued to be supported with the complementary therapies (Chakra-puncture, Esoteric Body Massage/Healing).

In addition to the complementary therapies, I changed my diet ( no dairy, no gluten/wheat, no coffee, no sugar – oh, I forget to mention that I did have one addiction – sugar, I loved chocolate or anything sweet, it was challenging for me to give up the sugar). I started going to bed early as my body needed much rest, and continue to do this. I also used that year to truly self-nurture – that is the most Important lesson for me and that is what the Chakra-puncture and my Esoteric Practitioner supported me with during my breast cancer year. But it was ME who made the new choices to not only change my behaviour/diet etc, but to seek support for my raging emotions (past and present) - everything that created the breast cancer in the first place. I cannot emphasise enough that as soon as I took responsibility of how I had been living, everything made sense. So yes, as a result of how I had been living, I did need medical treatment.  But I was unable to have that clarity (so much in fear, anger, panic and denial) when I was first diagnosed.

As a result of the support I gave myself (mentioned above) and the changes I made, today I am cancer free and healthy, in less than a year. I feel more alive than ever before and I have a new respect for my body. My previous very healthy life style was missing one ingredient: love, self-love. My body was so badly abused because I lived a life without any self-love, without any true self- nurture or self-worth. I was the person who would take care of everyone’s needs, except my own. Through the presentations and courses from Serge and Unimed, I gained a new perspective and understanding on life, which helped me to take responsibility for all the loveless choices I had made. That was a tough pill to swallow, but when I did, that’s when the true healing occurred for me.

The Chakra-puncture is from Serge Benhayon. I will be forever grateful to him for his amazing insight and wisdom of the human body. His knowledge and understanding of the human body and why we get illness and disease is unmatched. Right now the world needs people to assist others back to true health and to a true way of living and back to Self-Love.

Thank you just does not express my heart felt gratitude to Serge Benhayon, his family and all the Unimed team and practitioners, for without their help/guidance my Breast Cancer Journey would have been a very different story, considering that I was leaning towards not having medical treatment when I was first diagnosed.