Lisa Rose, Dianella, Australia

I have known Serge for eight years having attended workshops and appointments at his clinic.
 Prior to meeting Serge my body was falling apart with hair loss, weight gain, panic attacks, skin issues and thyroid auto immune disease. I was taking antidepressants, I was a smoker, weight gain, stressed, emotional, drank alcohol, binged on food, was depending on sugar more and more to get me through the day, could not wake up in the mornings before my alarm, was always running late, had relationship problems, didn’t love myself inside or out, felt guilty and I wanted to run away every time life became uncomfortable for me.

Now all of the above is the complete reverse, my doctors have asked what did I do? I’m a medical mystery to them and a medical miracle to me.

My life has so much more purpose and I am a grounded consistent person who relies on nothing but myself to live the life I always wanted.

I distinctly remember when I was very unwell and having bad reactions to medications, Serge encouraging me to “keep trying different ones.”

Without the support I have had from Serge and the Universal Medicine practitioners I really dread to think what would have become of me.