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In 2009 we inaugurated the Esoteric Practitioners Association Pty Ltd (EPA). The EPA is a branch of Universal Medicine that was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development and assessment of practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine.

This branch of Universal Medicine represents the members association, the practitioners association and, it acts as the in-house assessment body for the practitioners delivering the Complementary Medicine modalities as taught by Universal Medicine.

The EPA plays a vital role in supporting Universal Medicine, its parent-teaching arm, with particular focus on specific member needs in relation to developing true and vital health in these transformational times and in the assistance with illness and disease for the public at large. The EPA is also for the ongoing development of those who have chosen to become an esoteric based practitioner in their field of service. And thus, the EPA is there to make sure that all of our practitioners are holding their esoteric commitment and hence, will act/treat with the highest of standards.

In general, and on a wider scale, the EPA is the body that will help develop the practitioners we need as the coming years unfold greater challenging times -- not only in life, but within our bodies as a result of the growth and intensity of humanity’s illnesses and diseases along with the rise of multi-symptomatic conditions.

The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

The EPA logo:

The official EPA logo was esoterically designed by Serge and developed by Desiree Delaloye. The EPA logo symbolises the Forever Fountain of Knowledge that pours such knowledge from the centre of its living Ageless Wisdom. The EPA logo will be esoterically known as -- ‘The Tree of Forever Knowledge and Ageless Wisdom’

Esoteric Practitioners Association Tree Logo