Serge Benhayon smear campaign exposed

The Echo Net Daily has just released this article that exposes the smear campaign currently being carried out on Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

------- From the Echo Net Daily (26/7/2012) -------------

It’s a smear campaign: health-group leader

The head of a Lismore-based health-service provider allegedly under investigation by health authorities has hit back at media reports which claimed it was a ‘cult’, describing it as a smear campaign.

Scores of supporters, practitioners and clients of Universal Medicine based at Goonellabah yesterday wrote to The Echo expressing their outrage at the reports run by Sydney and North Coast media this week.

Company owner Serge Benhayon told Echonetdaily yesterday the reports were based on ‘outrageous lies’ and allegations by disgruntled former partners of some of his female clients.

He issued a statement entitled ‘The facts and truths about Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine’, which said there had been a ‘smear campaign’ directed at him, his family and his business.

'Allegations, which are being bandied as facts or truths are nothing but complete distortions to utter lies", he said.

'We have nothing but absolute dedication to the care of our clients who seek us to assist with their healing as well as to the students of our complementary modalities.

‘Many hundreds if not thousands will categorically state that as a fact. With time and proper research it will come to light that the false allegations are nothing but an orchestrated vindictive attack.

‘To our detractors I say that we will strongly oppose the lies, beat-up and distortions. If there is a genuine grievance there should be mediation and or discussion.

‘Fact: Universal Medicine and I have never committed Medicare fraud, we have made no claims about curing cancer, and it was Universal Medicine that contacted the Therapeutic Goods Administration for advice on our herbal supplements.

‘In all of this, it is to be said that it is indeed a fact that all our staff and health care practitioners are dedicated to the thorough care of our patients, and we bring absolute integrity and responsibility in all that we do.’

Mr Benhayon was also backed by two North Coast practitioners mentioned in some of the reports.


Physiotherapist Kate Greenaway told Echonetdaily that she had been working with Mr Benhayon for 10 years in the Universal Medicine clinic which she says is ‘by far the most supportive and harmonious working environment I have ever experienced.'

‘I choose to work there not only for this personal support but mostly because this clinic and its practitioners provide the highest complementary and consistent health care for clients', Ms Greenaway, who worked at Byron Bay Hospital for many years, said.

‘As practitioners we work together supporting our clients in every way to enhance their healing and returning to as much physical, emotional and energetic balance as possible.

‘We are students of Universal Medicine and the level of integrity in these practitioners' lives and what they bring to their clients is the highest I have ever experienced.

‘The healing modalities we use are all insured by a reputable insurance company under the Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) and we combine complementary health care with western medicine.

‘The code of ethics for the EPA are the highest I have ever experienced, based on ”No Harm” to others and to ourselves in how we live our lives. This is from the understanding that how we live in our bodies affects those around us and especially via hands-on therapies.’

Ms Greenaway said she had regularly suggested her clients see their GPs when needed, ‘as do my fellow practitioners including Serge Benhayon.'

‘I have never (as suggested in the press recently) told a client to get a Medicare referral to fully pay for their physiotherapy.’

Respected Bangalow-based eye surgeon Dr Anne Mallatt told Echonetdaily that her life and work had been inspired by the life and work of Mr Benhayon.