Esoteric Teachings & Revelations - Vol I

Esoteric Teachings & Revelations - Vol I

A new study for mankind
by Serge Benhayon

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This book is a very deliberate compilation of the teachings we have brought since late 1999. Such teachings form and found the Way of the Livingness for the New Era. And as such the student will be assisted.

Esoteric Revelation:

Esoteric based Revelations bring an awakening, re-awakening and or a release from a certain mindful hold over a subject, dilemma or assumed fact. A true revelation allows the pranic mental hold to be exposed thus allowing the student a release from its spiritual deadlock or involutionary impasse.

Esoteric Teaching:

A true esoteric teaching is one that brings forth that which is known back into the fore. Like esoteric revelations, a true esoteric teaching helps restore one to their path of spiritual evolution (Path of Initiation -- one’s path back to Soul).

The book is a 728 page healing handbook that brings esoteric teachings and revelations in a way that can be practically used on a daily basis so as to assist in our healing from certain mental holds that sabotage our way forward. Used correctly, this book will form part of a daily to periodical study the student can use to defeat certain mental constructs and thus arise with greater clarity to move onward.

The revelations will pave the way whilst the teachings will help found the necessary foundations and developing steps that will unfold the glory of the New Era.

‘The Way It Is - A Treatise On Energetic Truth’ is a 728 paper-back impress.

NOTE: It is not a prerequisite to read our series of books in order, you can start with any book and in any order you feel to.

Article by: Gabriele Conrad