Esoteric Healing, Universal Medicine and client outcomes – An Allied Health Professional's Perspective

Dr Danielle Pirera Universal MedicineBy Dr Danielle Pirera, BBiomedSci, BExSci (Hons), PhD (Ex Phys), EPA accredited*

 I have worked for 15 years in personal and group fitness training and for 7 years in the public health care system, in hospitals, clinics and nursing homes as a registered allied health professional (Exercise Physiology).

In these years I have worked with thousands and thousands of people, who come for support to improve their health, physical function, psychological wellbeing and overall quality of life. Around 80% of the clients I have seen have some sort of a chronic illness or injury and are taking ongoing medications and receiving treatment and care from other allied health professionals such as psychologists, physiotherapists, massage and acupuncture therapists or even spiritual healers.

In the last 5 years I have been working from the Universal Medicine Goonellabah clinic, the UniMed Brisbane clinic and other Esoteric Healing clinics in Sydney, Melbourne and Mackay. Over this time I have seen thousands of clients come in and out of these clinics participating in a variety of esoteric healing modalities. Sometimes these clients would also come to see me for exercise support, sometimes not, depending on the healing program they felt they needed for themselves.

Only recently have I completely accepted what I have seen in the last five years working from these esoteric healing clinics; outcomes that I have never before seen anywhere else in over 15 years of work in over 10 different locations. I have seen people truly turning their lives around, making enormous changes and not only sustaining these changes, but continuing to grow and flourish in all areas of their life beyond their physical health.

I have seen clients of these clinics coming off 10 to 20 year drug addictions to go on to be successful business professionals; people losing over a third of their body mass – weight that had been carried around after traumatic childhoods scarred by sexual abuse or assault; people going from adrenal exhaustion and alcohol and medication addiction to a clean life, alcohol free and full of energy and vitality. I have also seen hundreds of people returning to and sustaining healthy weight ranges, hundreds of people coming out of long term depression, suicide attempts or loneliness, who now have lives full of loving relationships with themselves, friends and families. I have spoken to people who lived their lives angry, hard and withdrawn, opening up to discover the beautiful person they truly are… to let themselves out and let people in. Others have shared that they have progressed from chronic functional impairments, or even medically diagnosed diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and anxiety disorder to, in their words, now be medically diagnosed as fully healthy.

This is the power of Esoteric Healing.

Like any other patient at any other medical or healing centre, they were also fully supported by the medical system and receiving any medications, surgery and mainstream medical treatment that they required. But they were also going above and beyond to commit to something else within themselves and in their lives, that is unlike anything seen anywhere else.

For example, in fifteen years of working in the health and fitness industry I discovered that only 20-30% of patients would comply with any exercise or healthy lifestyle changes suggested to them. This means that 70-80% of people were unable to make the exercise, diet or lifestyle changes suggested, such as reducing alcohol consumption, quitting smoking, eating healthier or undertaking a light to moderate level of activity each day. These people knew they needed to make changes – they had life threating illnesses or disease knocking on their door, yet despite ongoing support from other health professionals for some reason could not bring about change in their life.

So how have hundreds, if not thousands of people participating in Esoteric Healing modalities managed to turn their lives around so noticeably, and in a sustained way? Could the answer lie in what esoteric healing is founded on – esoteric meaning innermost – that is not currently offered in any other modality that I am aware of? Each Esoteric Healing modality fosters or inspires an individual to connect to who they truly are (their innermost) and to live from this place; this provides a foundation from which they can let go of and deal with the behaviours and lifestyle choices that are not supporting them. With Esoteric Healing I see people connect to a spark or a strength within themselves that empowers them to make a power-full commitment to not only take care of themselves, but also begin to self-care and self-love and bring great healing and change into their lives.

See below for a list of benefits that have been attributed to Esoteric Healing by a group of 15 people. Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon make no claims to these benefits or any other result or effect from the therapies and modalities taught by Universal Medicine. However, this list was developed based on the experiences of this group of 15 people who have seen these changes in their own lives and attributed it to Esoteric Healing, or seen it in others and have the physical evidence and existence of their amazing lives to prove it.

If this is only 15 people, what would the other thousands of clients who have also felt that they have benefited from Esoteric Healing have to add? If you are one of these people, who feel you have benefited from Esoteric Healing modalities, you may also like to write your own dot point list. How amazing would it be if these lists are shared for everyone to feel and see. It inspires people to ignite from deep within to commit to themselves and to develop a loving, healthy and vital life – a life that we all truly deserve.



  • Improved energy
  • Feeling better about myself
  • Greater contentment
  • Feeling of how I can live life connected to me and content in life
  • Greater willingness to contribute and be involved in life
  • Responsible health-seeking behaviour
  • Greater depth of connection and feeling of equality with medical personnel in dealing with my own health issues
  • A true understanding of health and vitality
  • Waking in the morning and looking forward to the day ahead with joy and going to bed in this same joy.
  • Understanding our body’s natural cycles with a deeper respect for body’s rhythms and functions 
  • Understanding of behaviours and habits that are unloving, and being able to change them
  • Improved ability to mentally and physical function in the day
  • Completely and more rejuvenated and revitalised, refreshed



  • Increased vitality
  • Openness to improve my physical health
  • Improved body awareness
  • Greater care and love of my body
  • Loving and appreciating our body and learning to listen to what we need.
  • Commitment to eating healthy
  • Commitment to using medical support when required. 
  • Less pain
  • More mobility 
  • Healthier skin and hair 
  • Improved quality of sleep
  • Resolved long-term sleeplessness 
  • Feeling completely rested and relaxed without feeling exhausted
  • A return to flexibility and openness in my body after becoming hard and inflexible from 15 years of Hatha and Oki-Do Yoga practice
  • Free of allergies that plagued us all our lives.
  • More gentle, caring and fluid in their movements
  • Feeling centred, calm and at ease in the body
  • More flexibility in movement,
  • less stiff
  • Aware of emotions causing tension in the different areas of the body 
  • Lightness in the body,
  • Greater appreciation and respect for the body
  • More able to be tender and nurturing
  • Less driven in the body and mind
  • More content in the body
  • No more body tension



  • Improved ability to understand feelings
  • Understanding the difference between emotions, reactions and feelings
  • Feeling love and warmth inside me so I don't feel alone - EH
  • Greater understanding of my feelings and emotions - Courses 
  • Understanding why I get angry or upset so I can heal these things – courses
    Less reactive 
  • Less emotional
  • Feeling more balanced
  • Improved ability to cope
  • More clarity, and deeper clarity of thought
  • Not losing my temper
  • Greater acceptance and perspective
  • Free of anxiety that has been with us since young.
  • More at ease with their issues/struggles, and less overwhelmed 
  • Feeling safe
  • Able to resolve and feel free from burdens and issues
  • Able to let go of emotions
  • Able to feel good about self
  • Able to let go of self judgement and self critique



  • Greater ability to empower self through self loving choices
  • Being our own authority
  • Greater understanding of what true well-being is
  • Greater understanding of what true self nurturing is
  • Greater ability to make choices that support our well-being
  • Deeper commitment to self-care
  • Understanding how to self-love, and being able to apply it



  • Not as stressed
  • Improved confidence
  • Decreased anxiety or nervousness
  • Not personalising life but coming from love and understanding
  • More appreciation of self and others
  • Less judgmental of self and others
  • Less critical and more understanding
  • Greater ability to let go and be playful
  • Less serious
  • More light and fun
  • Greater depth of understanding
  • Feeling of steadiness/solidness
  • Feeling empowered
  • Greater degree of acceptance
  • Less cynicism
  • How to grow old gracefully
  • Free from comparison and jealousy issues that particularly plague women.
  • More aware of sensitivity
  • Able to let go and surrender  
  • Greater purpose in life
  • Zest and commitment to life


CLAIRSENTIENCE (ability to feel energy) & WELL-BEING 1

  • More spaciousness 
  • More awareness to my cycles
  • Allowing in love
  • Greater ability to distinguish the difference between loving touch and abusive touch
  • Clearer ability to feel what is true and what isn’t
  • Tangible experience of feeling love (energy) move through all the cells in the body that then emanates from the body
  • Greater ability to observe life and people with a knowing of our connection to the Universe
  • Re-Connection with divine timing and what this feels like in everyday life
  • Equality and brotherhood 
  • Understanding how to deeply love, and being able to apply it
  • Stronger in one’s own connection
  • Full presence with self, and more confidence
  • Feeling overall stronger and much more inner strength


  • More expressive
  • Greater ability to communicate with others
  • Improved ability to communicate
  • More expressive of what one truly feels about themselves, or life and not reactive to it



  • Improved quality of relationships
  • Helped me to feel who I am and return to living from this place
  • Feeling more loving 
  • Less abusive to myself and others
  • Greater ability to support my true self when interacting with others
  • Less judgmental and critical of myself and others
  • Greater degree of trust in my own feelings and expression of them
  • Finding my voice again
  • Understanding how to communicate and deal with conflicts (personally or professionally)
  • Deeper, richer quality in relationship with self and with others
  • Feeling open with others, improved relationships and marriages
  • More open with others
  • Less reactive in relationships
  • Clearer sense of responsibility of how we do truly affect others with all that we do, say and think
  • Deepening of relationships with myself and in turn family and friends
  • Improved relationships 
  • Greater understanding of others



  • Feeling of myself as a complete women, before I do anything
  • No need to put up with painful and swollen breasts
  • True understanding of Menopause
  • Reduced or completely healed period pain
  • Greater awareness around Menopausal symptoms and how to embrace them and not dread them
  • Understanding period menstrual tension and how to lovingly support yourself through it
  • More open to women’s health check-ups as a result of more confidence and understanding of the body



  • Greater enjoyment in workplace
  • A recognition of my value and what I bring to work and to people
  • More productive and efficient
  • Feeling satisfied with any type of work
  • Deeper commitment to work as a way to serve humanity
  • More understanding with work colleagues


* The Esoteric Practitioners Association (EPA) is a branch of Universal Medicine. It was instigated by Universal Medicine to support the development of the practitioners who practise the modalities that were founded by Universal Medicine. The EPA is based on religious principles, esoteric practices and The Ageless Wisdom, as taught by Serge Benhayon and Universal Medicine.

Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon make no claims to these benefits or any other result or effect from the therapies and modalities taught by Universal Medicine. For more details please read our Disclaimer.