Universal Medicine's Weekend Events for April 2014

The Way of the Livingness Presentation

On Saturday April 5th 2014, Serge Benhayon will present ‘The Way of the Livingness’, commencing at 1:15pm (registration from 12:45pm) at 'Lennox Head Community Centre', Corner Park Lane/Mackney Lane, Lennox Head.

The Livingness Series presents the religious way, aspects and principles of the Ageless Wisdom. ‘If one understands the real meaning and purpose of human life, then one will know that - ‘medicine is life itself’ just as ‘life itself is medicine’. Under, and with that understanding, one will comprehend with ease the fact that – ‘all one does in human life, is either ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’, and, there is no middle ground’ ~ SB

For further details and to book for the event please click here.

Esoteric Numerology

This Sunday the 6th April, Universal Medicine presents Esoteric Numerology presented by Serge Benhayon. This one-day workshop will commence at 10.00am (registration from 9.00am-9:55am) until 3:00pm at 'Lennox Head Community Centre', Corner Park Lane/Mackney Lane, Lennox Head.

The science of Esoteric Numerology is based on the fact that because we live by a series of mechanistic movements, that are themselves based on repetitive cycles, we are in affect having an inseparable relationship with numbers due to the fact that cycles can be measured by the amount of times they repeat.

This workshop will offer an in depth presentation that will bring greater understanding with regard to our relationship with numbers and what they energetically mean. The participants will be given an interactive presentation that will include the ability to map one’s cycles and the movements that are expected within the cycles we all inescapably live in.

For booking and further information, please visit our study site.

Also please note: Daylight savings ends in NSW on Sunday 6th April 2014. Clocks will be going back one hour from 3:00am. If you are attending this event please share this information with others you know who may be attending to ensure everyone arrives at the venue on time. Thank you.