Universal Medicine's Weekend Events for February 2014

The Way of the Livingness Presentation

On Saturday 15th February, Universal Medicine will welcome in the new year with its first event: The Way of the Livingnes.

The Livingness Series presents the religious way, aspects and principles of the Ageless Wisdom. ‘If one understands the real meaning and purpose of human life, then one will know that - ‘medicine is life itself’ just as ‘life itself is medicine’. Under, and with that understanding, one will comprehend with ease the fact that – ‘all one does in human life, is either ‘good medicine’ or ‘bad medicine’, and, there is no middle ground’ ~ SB

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The Livingness Stage 1

The following day on Sunday the 16th of February, Universal Medicine will present its first course of the year: The Livingness Stage 1.

This one-day workshop introduces the possibility that there is a way of living, with the practical applications of self-love and presence in daily life, that naturally allows the body and human being to live in harmony with self and others. As living in this way is not a reality for many, time is spent in the workshop on bringing focus to the behaviours and patterns that take one away from this otherwise natural way.

This introductory course, although presented yearly, changes in its delivery to best support those present, providing the opportunity for participants to reconnect and feel the amazing quality that forever lives within, and to take this back to their daily lives.

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