The Way of The Livingness Series ~ The Way Forth

‘The Way of The Livingness Series’ presents the religious way, aspects, principles, sciences and philosophies of the Ageless Wisdom through a number of interactive lectures, presentations and open forum discussions held principally by Serge Benhayon, and the Student Body.

‘The Livingness’ series presents the vast and profound religious aspects of the Ageless Wisdom in its modern form under and with full respect to its ancient laws, teachings and truths.

Music, and the Living Science of Music - plays an integral role in ‘The Way of The Livingness’. It is known that ‘True Music’ is an essential part of the Esoteric Healing Arts.

The Livingness series offers a unique platform that allows others to reconnect to their inner impulses bringing forth music that is deeply connective and true to their inner-heart and soul, further sharing the expression with others.

This video showcases the opening introduction to the song ‘The Way Forth’ written by Michael Benhayon, performed in April 2015, by Road Gloria at ‘The Way of The Livingness’ featuring Michael Benhayon on lead guitar and Conor Turley on piano.

"To let out all our love that’s inside
This is the way, forth, for eternity"

Extract from ‘The Way Forth’ Lyrics by Miranda Benhayon

The Way Forth - Introduction performed by Road Gloria