How do I book an event, course, workshop or session?

Where do I go to book a course or workshop?

You can book each workshop and course on the events page of the Study site. There are specific pages for Australia and the UK. You will find detailed descriptions for courses and workshops on the Study site. You can access the booking system once you have registered for this site. Note that booking functions will not be visible until you have registered on the site.

Do I have to register on the website to book a course or workshop?

Yes, there is a registration form, once you complete the registration process the booking functions will become visible and your details are then remembered for a faster booking process next time.


Can I pay online?

Yes, we have secure credit card and PayPal facilities available.


Do I have to register to come to an event?

Yes, all courses and workshops must be booked in advance to ensure we have enough seating.


How do I book to see a practitioner?

On the practitioner page you will find details of how to book for each practitioner. If you would like further information on the modalities offered at the Universal Medicine clinics these can be found under Services and Healing Therapies.


Can I book my accommodation through Universal Medicine as well?

No, all accommodation is booked by you independently. There is a useful link to a list of local accommodation in the registration section of each course but bookings need to be done directly. Please note: Universal Medicine cannot book or find accommodation on your behalf.


Can I pay on the day?

You can pay on the day with cash, cheque or by credit card. There is a 1.5% fee payable on all credit card transactions.