What is the Esoteric Ovary Massage?

Our bodies continually try to talk to us. How do our bodies communicate? In the form of bloating for example after eating too much or eating food that does not agree with us; in the form of a hangover after the consumption of alcohol; in the form of a pulled muscle when we have exercised too hard. What do people mainly do? They recover from the bloating, from the hangover and from the torn muscle and do it all over again.

The sessions available at Universal Medicine assist people to reconnect back to their bodies and to start listening to what the body has to say – in the form of feelings, symptoms, ailments and conditions. They can then choose to start paying attention and change a certain behaviour or pattern or not; the choice is always the client’s.

One of the treatments available at Universal Medicine is the Esoteric Ovary Massage. It is done on the clothed body in the form of gentle hand movements in certain positions. The treatment arises in the ovaries the layers of imprints that a woman has taken on from all of her thoughts, feelings and experiences, from the choices she has made and how she has responded or reacted to those choices and the behaviours and patterns that followed those choices.

The Esoteric Ovary Massage helps women connect back to their body and to what is truly going on with their health and wellbeing - or the lack of it. Women actually never lose the innate sense and ability to feel what is really going on, whether good or bad. But women are overriding what they are feeling because they are not connecting back to their body, choosing instead to run their life and their body purely from the mind and its incessant demands. On top of that are the ideals and beliefs imposed by a society which asks women to be everything and more for all and sundry without ever allowing them to be who they truly are. And if this wasn’t enough, women have lost the ability to communicate what they are actually feeling. If women don’t give themselves permission to communicate the fact that they can feel what is really going on, i.e. when they make the choice to dishonour what they felt, the impact on the body is massive. Women have given up on expressing what they feel and they have given up on being the woman they truly are. Instead, they choose to fit in with what is happening around them. Why have women given up? They have given up because whenever they have tried to communicate what they truly felt, they were met with a wall and with being dishonoured as the woman they are.

All this is what the ovaries store and what can be accessed through the Esoteric Ovary Massage, which allows women to re-connect with themselves, with their innate knowledge of what it means to be a woman and to feel how awesome and truly amazing that is.