February 2013: Events this weekend at Universal Medicine

Posted February 2013: This coming weekend Serge presents Sacred Esoteric Healing® Advanced Level 3 at Lennox Head. This is a 3 day intensive or a '3 courses in 1' offering that includes a half day on the 'Energetic Facial Release' which is a very deep but delicate specialised healing technique, now offered by accredited healers, beauty therapists, body-work specialists and many other therapists and practitioners globally. It is also a very nurturing treatment that can be simply shared with family and friends.

Most importantly, it is in this 'Master Healing' course that each student learns of the 3 Rays of Essence and the 4 Rays of distinction in order to use the more specialised energies of these Rays for higher work in service.

Those interested in attending Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 3 please note that Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 1 and Sacred Esoteric Healing Level 2 are pre-requisites for this course. For more information on all courses see the Universal Medicine Events pages at the Study site. For more information on how to book see the how to book q and a.

Those already enrolled we look forward to seeing you this coming weekend at Lennox Head. More information about the weekend's events can be found at the SEH L3 event description page.