UniMed events in February

In February we begin the new UniMed Calendar year with a full weekend of events to inspire. The Way of the Livingness 1, The Esoteric Developer's Group and True Movement will make up a weekend line-up that will provide enjoyment and interest for newcomers and regulars alike.

WORKSHOPS: The Livingness Stage 1
Sunday the 17th of February

Great Introductory Course

The Way of the Livingness is a one day workshop that introduces us to the possibility that there is a way to live that is harmonious to our essence and while the world doesn't always encourage us to bring this out in full we can never-the-less choose to re-connect to that innermost-essence and forge a life that reflects the truth of the love we innately are. The day provides participants with a range of exercises that provide a tangible means to explore this premise while at the same time gaining an understanding of how and why we encounter impediments to living in this way. A great introduction to Serge Benhayon’s presentations, The Way of the Livingness is a foundational and deeply inspiring workshop.

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UniMed Saturday's (EDG, True Movement, The Livingness Presentations and more)

Formerly known as 'EDG Saturday's' these Saturday events, held regularly in Australia and the UK provide a full day program of presentations, lectures, talks and movement classes that can be attended as individual offerings or in a complete package of back to back events. These events are open to all

To book one or more sessions visit the EDG section of the Study site.

Movement as healing: True Movement

11.30am - 12.30pm
Join Natalie and Curtis as we move to the Glorious sounds of Michael Benhayon's latest Dance Album. This is not like any aerobics dance class you have ever been to. The movement is light, a great way to connect and have fun. Open to all ages. Please note: It will make you sweat though! If you want to keep your Saturday finery unsaturated the True Movement team will be selling T-shirts on the day, look out for their stall.
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New: The Way of the Livingness Presentation

1.30pm - 2.30pm
Not to be mistaken with the workshop of the same name on Sunday this is an hour long presentation that will also be available via audio subscription. This will be the first in a series of presentations for 2013.
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Talk and Presentation: Esoteric Developer's Group

2.30pm - 4pm
Serge talks about life and the Esoteric in-depth but informal. Often with guest speakers and presentations, we look forward to seeing what is in store in this first EDG for 2013.
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We look forward to seeing you there, for what will be an amazing weekend to open 2013.

with love,
The UniMed Team