Serge Benhayon on music

What Serge presents about music is that we have a deep responsibility when we produce and create sound. Understanding this responsibility is of great and true benefit to the work of artists and musicians and many welcome this perspective. Many others reject it and this is fine also.

Sound carries energy and we have a responsibility to know what exactly we do energetically and not just hear what a tune is on our ears.

A small sample of an Esoteric perspective on music:

No different than a door slammed in anger, the sound we produce has a quality that will affect all who hear it. If there is anger driving us when we play the drums then the affect of that anger lives on in the sound of the music. This is not hard to pick up on. Not widely considered is that from here the sound then travels in and through the body of the person listening to it. The sound waves resonate in the body. The body vibrates to the tune of the anger as well as to the rhythmic beat. It is this added ‘bit’ (possibility) that we have not considered. Benhayon simply asks to explore this energetic fact, not because he is rubbishing music or any artist for that matter, but because it raises higher our levels of responsibility with each other and to the planet.

Most people when they consider the full extent of the audio footprint that they leave behind would actually want to leave a legacy of love over anger or anguish. This is confronting if you feel there is validity in venting when you make music, or if you identify your anger or emotions as a part of who you are. More on this subject needs exploring. The possibility that certain energy carries itself through sound should be a topic of wide discussion and not seen as a personal attack on any style of music and or its artist.