Who are the ‘Masters' or the 'Hierarchy’?

The ‘Hierarchy’ or the ‘Masters’ are no different than you or I, they are simply those who are a bit further travelled along the path and so have a better view of the lay of the land, so to speak. They are Masters of themselves, and thus not over anyone and certainly not over us. They are Masters in the sense that they have mastered how to live life on Earth soul-fully. With this mastery they serve us with their skills, often simply by their presence. The Masters often have a hand in supporting moments of inspiration of seeing people come together in true harmony. They never interfere with humanity’s will, as they respect the law of Free-will in full, rather, they simply respond to the call -- if we want more love in our lives and on earth, they are in essence there to support us to make the choices that will awaken the love that is already within us. There are Masters on earth who are in incarnation and there are Masters who are not in incarnation. All the Masters work with humanity to bring more love on earth by inspiring us to increase the awareness of the love we already innately are.