What scientific advice does Serge Benhayon draw on for his work?

Serge Benhayon presents that we all are, each and every one of us, by virtue of life itself, a living science and that we do have a knowing because we have experienced many incidents in life. This is a certain form of testimony that we can draw on to better know ourselves and others. And, whilst this may not be the definitive, it is by all means a starting point in understanding the world which we cannot discount. All factual sciences and laws of physics are respected in full. That said, there is a need to make them relevant in our daily lives.

Benhayon asks us to distinguish between factual science and sponsored science.

Science is an ever-expanding field of yet to be known knowledge. We live as human beings. We have a physicality and an emotionality that needs addressing not just with knowledge but with practical and applicable answers to the rigours of life in society. Benhayon presents that not only is everything energy as stated by Einstein, but that because everything is energy, everything has to be because of energy. Benhayon goes on to say that there is no part of us that doesn’t belong to the word ‘everything’ in ‘everything is energy’. Therefore, the world is asked to consider what he has termed energetic responsibility and energetic integrity. See his book titled ‘The Way of Initiation’ for an in-depth exploration of these subjects.