What is an Esoteric understanding of reincarnation?

‘Reincarnation is the highest form of responsibility’. For this reason the Science of Reincarnation will be one of the last to be fully understood or accepted by humanity. Why? Because people prefer to think they ‘live, pay their taxes and die’, without regard for the actual energetic legacy they leave behind. With an understanding that ‘what you live will be lived by all others after you….and will be lived by you again when you return’, the science of re-incarnation turns into a very interesting and most important moral issue. The grand question is not whether re-incarnation occurs or not, but rather to ask ourselves if we are ready for this level of responsibility? Mankind needs to live with a full view of the next generation, as being part of that generation ahead and not just extort all one can in one single life.

‘It is a very self-nourishing and love enriching form of practical living when you consider that you have the responsibility to live in a way that enriches all those before you and all those to come.' Serge Benhayon

Reincarnation is widely accepted in cultures and faiths around the world. Indeed more people in the world believe in reincarnation than those who don’t. This article entitled REINCARNATION: An Interview with Sandhya Mistry by Rachel Hall is well worth a read for those open to a broader cultural understanding of reincarnation.